Madame Gourmand
18. 11. 2013

After a discussion on Friday with Mr Gourmand we have decided to make a change to our shop without supermarkets challenge, there have been a couple of occasions where we have wanted pasta and the only local shop to sell it charges over £4 for a bag because it’s artisan.  I know pasta is easy to make but we don’t always have the time especially when we are making our own bread, biscuits and cakes so we have decided that baby milk, nappies, wipes, pasta, tinned tomatoes etc can and will be purchased from Waitrose or Ocado.

This week we will be using our slow cooker as much as possible as it really does save so much time.

Monday – Steamed Lamb & Mint pudding with Dauphinois potato and Maple glazed carrots

Tuesday – Spaghetti Bolognaise cooked in the slow cooker

Wednesday – Oxtail Stew cooked in the slow cooker

Thursday – Handmade burgers served with paprika wedges and onion rings

Friday – Veal Milanese served with green salad and new potatoes

Saturday – Vegetable Curry cooked in the slow cooker

Sunday – Lunch out at a restaurant




5 Responses to “Meal Planning 18/11/2013”

  1. Seren says:

    Sounds absolutely fantastic. I am DROOLING at the thought of steamed lamb and mint puddings.


  2. ojosworld says:

    Oh wow, it all sounds delicious. The oxtail stew has me drooling though x

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh wow! Everything sounds so good!!

  4. @goriami says:

    Love the sound of the steamed pudding, are they easy to make? x

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