Beanies Amaretto Roast & Ground Coffee

On a recent trip to everyone’s favourite shop, TK Maxx, I headed to the food product section and stumbled upon a box of Roast & Ground Coffee by a brand called Beanies (£2.99) Usual price (£4.35).

Instantly attracted by the familiar glitzy packaging so common on American food products, I swiftly snatched the coffee off the shelf before any other would-be purchaser had a chance.  American brands are often a winner for me and I love visiting TK Max for their cheap US sweets and

As soon as I got home the first item removed from my TK Maxx branded bag was the Beanies coffee at which point I read on the box that it’s produced in a small town near Washington……..Washington, County Durham*  that is, not Washington D.C!  Pleasantly surprised that this coffee is made in Darlington, County Durham, I investigated their website for further information and believe me the range of products they offer is breathtaking, and also far too much to list here, so please have a look on Beanies website and pay particular attention to the Kopi Luwak Civet Cat Coffee which is certainly an interesting read!

There were a number of different flavours on offer and I opted for the Amaretto which is one of my favourite flavours.  First impressions upon opening the re-sealable foil backed bag was the stunning aroma this coffee gave. The scent was so rich and inviting that it demanded a test

I brewed the coffee using my well-worn stovetop coffee pot, then sat back and enjoyed. “Lovely taste and very relaxing”, were the slurred words uttered by Mr Gourmand as he lay almost horizontally enjoying his cup. I barely registered his comments as I was hypnotized by his ability to consume a hot drink from such a position without receiving third degree burns to his face. He was right though, like all good coffee, it was very satisfying and gave the warm, comforting feeling that a good hot drink provides.

One thing to note is even with sugar added, the coffee was perhaps not quite as sweet as when flavoured syrup is added to a typical coffee, but was still sweet enough for me.  I would also like to add that this is not a coffee to drink all day, we used this as our only coffee and we did start to get tired of the taste.

Overall a good special occasion coffee with the welcome addition of a genuine re-sealable bag, I will be purchasing more in the near future, maybe even the Kopi Luwak Civet Cat Coffee, maybe.

* For all people from Washington UK, I know that post 1974 Washington is classed as Tyne and Wear and not County Durham, but the lame joke didn’t work so well without the pre 1974 reference.

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