Sofra Culture Cafe – Newcastle

The Sofra Culture Cafe is a hidden gem situated above the Get Stuffed takeaway at 10 St Marys Place, Newcastle which is walking distance from Haymarket Metro station.

The Sofra Culture Cafe are the only place in Newcastle to offer food with a traditional, authentic charcoal grill.

There is ample seating for various sized groups on the first floor and an upstairs seating area for larger parties.

The Charcoal grill is rather impressive. A word of warning though, your clothing and hair will smell for the rest of the day!

I decided to try the Traditional Apple Tea (£1.20 )  I remember drinking this in Turkey many years ago, I’m glad to say it was not nearly as sweet as what I remember.

Mr Gourmand had asked for the Continental Breakfast (£3.80) which consisted of Feta cheese, Olives, Tomato, Cucumber, butter, jam and a choice of egg

The breakfast that was served included some meat products so would not have been suitable for a vegetarian but Mr Gourmand enjoyed it, along with the plate of toast that accompanied it!

I ordered the Culture Breakfast (£3.20) which was supposed to come with Fried Egg, Mushrooms, Tomato, Beans, Pastrami, Beef sausage and toast.

I was told that the cafe ad ran out of beans so was offered an extra egg.  The beef sausage and pastrami were substituted by pepperoni and a hot dog tasting meat.

The Sofra Culture Cafe is one of those places that you have to enter with an open mind, quite often you don’t get exactly what you order, sometimes you get more items than advertised, other times you get totally different ingredients, that’s what makes this place fun and quirky.

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