When Good Service Turns Bad

A recent visit to T.G.I Friday’s in Teeside left me with a bad taste in my mouth, usually chain brands pride themselves on excellent customer service, the food isn’t always great but you can guarantee that the service will be of a pretty high standard.

The T.G.I website does actually state:

We share a contagious belief in our brand and family. While our ‘family pride’ dates back to 1965 New York, today we all still share in the belief that the experience we offer and the service we provide is the best there is. From our classic red and white stripes to our traditional memorabilia, Friday’s is an authentic one of a kind experience. A unique place where everyone shares the fun, enjoyment and lasting memories of great times together.

On this occasion the meal started out well and went downhill from there.

I visited the Teeside branch with my friend Katie, we were attending a store opening at Teeside park and as I’d never been to T.G.I Friday before we decided to give it a try.

Katie went for a Green Apple slushie and I opted for a Blue Raspberry £2.49 each

I had a criticism straight away, as you can see from the photograph the drinks look half drunk, this is due to the fact the syrup wasnt mixed in, surely this should not be the customers job!

I picked the Mozzarella Dippers for my starter which were served with a marinara sauce.

Katie picked the Loaded Potato Skins served with a sour cream dip

We had both chosen from the Downtown £9.99 for 2 courses menu and had both picked the Cajun-Spiced Chicken Quesadilla for our main course.

During our starters our friend Kathryn arrived as she was coming with us to the evening event, a waiter passed by the table asking if the starters were ok but didn’t once ask Kathryn if she required a drink or a menu, she was basically ignored.

You can imagine our surprise when another waiter appeared with our main course and just placed them down on the table, even though he could see we were in the middle of our starters.

I didn’t actually manage to take a picture of the main course due to the fact I was in shock that it was delivered during the starter.

By the time I got round to eating my main course it was very cold, Kathryn still had not been offered a drink or menu and there was no waiting staff to be seen.

We asked for the bill and also asked for a word with the manager who stated we should have asked for a break between courses, this is all well and good if you want a break between courses, we didn’t we just wanted the chance to finish one course before starting the next!

The manager amended our bill and only charged us for the drinks, I would have been more than happy to pay for the starter as I actually managed to eat that as it was hot when it arrived.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced similar customer service in T.G.I Friday’s?


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  1. Lady Kate says:

    I live in Middlesbrough and recently went to Chiquitos at Teesside park with my Fiance for my Birthday, it was excellent! It is his birthday next month and I had suggested we go to T.G.I Fridays because I have never been before but now I may suggest Frankie & Bennys! x

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