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I relised today that I’ve had the Tefal Fresh Express Max for a long time now but have never shared an actual review of the product or shared my thoughts and feelings about it so I’m going to take this opportunity to do just that.

So what is the Tefal Fresh Express Max?  The best way for me to describe it is to say it’s a little bit like a food processor without the ability to whisk or mix if that makes sense? It basically takes the hassle out of food preparation as it can grate, shred, slices and dice fruit, vegetables, cheese and even nuts.

I found the Fresh Express Max a little tricky to use at first, I spent a long time trying to follow the instructions and I’m still not convinced I’ve been using it right, it’s quite difficult to get the cones and green and white clamp to fit into the spout which is a little annoying.

I love the fact there are two speeds as it allows you to feel more in control, I have a problem processing some ingredients like courgette, onion and cucumber so I’ve stopped using the device for these vegetables.





The wide feeding tube is good as you can insert ingredients without having to cut them into lots of pieces, I also like the fact that you can pop your fingers into the spout to help items that can become stuck without hurting your fingers as the blades are on the outside not the inside.

It’s very easy to clean the Fresh Express Max and the removable parts are all dishwasher safe. All of the attachments can be stored on the appliance meaning that it takes up less room than a food processor, the cord can be stored inside the machine making the Fresh Express Max easy to store in your kitchen.




If I’m being completely honest I use this mainly to grate cheese because I’ve had so many problems trying to dice and slice vegetables, my vegetables either end up as a pulp or things like carrots seem to slow the machine down.  it’s awesome as a grater and the only fault I have with this function is that cheese gets stick between the cone and the chute, it does clean well though so it isn’t too much of a problem.  I have only ever grated the same type of cheese so have no idea how it would manage with anything a little softer or harder.




I did want to love this so much,  I saw this in action at Tefal UK head office and I had visions of the beautiful salads I would be making and the diced vegetables I could put in my casserole but unfortunately we just don’t get on.  I won’t give up though, I’m determined to make this eventually work for me.

tefal fresh express max


If you own a Tefal Fresh Express Max I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, how do you find it?  Have you encountered any of the problems that I have?

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