Mrs Harrisons Scones and Jam

There is nothing better than visiting friends and coming home with a bag of home made treats, our bag contained fruit scones and Raspberry Jam.

The Scones were Mrs Harrisons first attempt at Scone making since being a youngster and as a seasoned scone maker I have to admit they were pretty amazing and I’m speaking as someone who really doesn’t like fruit scones.

How appetising does this look!  The Jam was also home-made, quite tart just how we like it.

I love giving and receiving home made treats and I really think we should do it more often, what sort of treats do you give or receive?


4 Responses to Mrs Harrisons Scones and Jam

  1. I have to say there’s something magical about scones, my boyfriend and I made scones with jam, cream and fresh raspberries on top last weekend and they were beyond tasty!

  2. bakingaddict says:

    ooh these look delicious! I love scones and jam. As for homemade treats, I usually make cookies or brownies as they are easy to transport and package but homemade cakes are also a winner.

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