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Bread & Co is a lovely little cafe situated on Regent Street in Leamington Spa, we first visited back in 2012 before we had even moved to the area so you could say we hold a little place in our hearts for the place.

We quite often overlook Bread & Co as a place to go for breakfast, it’s not that there is anything wrong with the breakfast menu more that there are so many places to visit that do breakfast and we usually try to go somewhere that has a good variety.

Bread & Co seem to have changed the menu since our last visit, I noticed that on this occasion they had introduced a vegetarian breakfast so although I was all geared up to have scrambled eggs and smoked salmon I decided to try out the breakfast instead.

Veg breakfast_breadandco


The breakfast was plentiful, the mushrooms were huge and the black pepper really complimented them, the scrambled egg was creamy and served on two good chunks of freshly toasted bread making me a very happy diner.  We now come to the beans, don’t get me wrong I thought the beans were delicious but they just didn’t suit the breakfast.  I know I’m being very critical as beans are often a staple on an English breakfast but these were not baked beans, they were more of a mixed bean chilli which would have been a delicious meal with some tortilla chips or some steamed rice not on a breakfast.  I’m not adverse to having things a little bit different on a breakfast, I’ve eaten at Bills who serve guacamole and sweet chilli sauce on their breakfast but it’s advertised on the menu so you know what to expect so if you’re in the mood for mexican you can go right ahead and order it.  Perhaps I was feeling a bit grumpy on the day so didn’t fully appreciate my chilli beans.  Would I have ordered the breakfast if I knew the beans were not of the usual baked variety? who knows, probably not.

fruit toast_breadandco


Mini Gourmand had been talking about fruit toast all morning so when she spotted it on the menu she was sold!  The slices were cut thick and the butter melted right in which is exactly what you want from toast.



Baby Gourmand was waiting for his share of Mini Gourmand’s fruit toast which he washed down with a nice warm bottle of milk, he was completely taken with the waiters glasses and couldn’t stop staring at him!

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  1. Georgina says:

    Shame the beans were disappointing. It’s nice to see a place trying to do something a bit different with a vegetarian option though. The veggie options are often so exactly the same everywhere!

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