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I live in Warwickshire (UK) I’m mum to Mini Gourmand who is 17 (2000) and Baby Gourmand who is 5 (2013).

I work as a Volunteer Support Officer in Events but my love for food came from working as a chef in the early 2000’s. I have 5 years experience in the hotel/restaurant industry and 10 years experience working as a product reviewer and mystery restaurant auditor which prompted me to start this blog.

I am happy for you to send me products to use in recipes / review and I am also happy to visit your establishment, however all reviews will be done honestly, If I don’t like something I will say so however I will be happy to complete a follow up review in case my opinion has changed.

My contact email address is: madamegourmand@btinternet.com

You can also find me here
Twitter: @Madame_Gourmand
Facebook: Madame Gourmand
Instagram: Madame Gourmand
Pinterest: Madame Gourmand



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4 Responses to About Me

  1. I have strongly recommended your fantastic pies to a friend. (which my husband has been raving about from the rugby club). This friend is planning a ‘pie ‘n’ mushy peas’ night nearer Christmas – I said I would contact you to see if you would produce the pies and could you give me a ‘guestimate’ price? (I estimate about 30+ guests). We could collect.

    Look forward to hearing from you – ASAP before she goes to the Farm Shop -whose pies could not possibly be as good as yours!!!!

    Heather Jamieson.

  2. Heather,
    you would need to contact eat@gourmetpie.co.uk regarding ordering pies, I am not involved with the company.

  3. Emma Duncan says:

    Hi! I’m a fellow, Markettiers4dc blogger and just came to check out your blog. Nice to meet you! I’m following you now, please feel free to come over to http://www.motherem.com and leave a link to your site on my about page. All the best, Emma x

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