Altoria Bar & Grill Leamington Spa

It probably comes as no surprise that birthday celebrations in the Gourmand household usually involve food of some sort, the most recent birthday celebration consisted of several meals out one of which took place at Altoria Bar & Grill in Leamington Spa.

Originally we had our hearts set on some American style grilled meat from the Bourbon Smokehouse (Altoria Bar & Grill’s previous name) but we were told they had changed hands the day before.  My dining partner Mama L is a bit like me, she likes decent food at a reasonable price so we were happy to stay and see what it had to offer and I’m pleased to say that Altoria Bar & Grill did not disappoint.

Altoria Leamington Spa

I don’t think we could have picked a better night to visit the restaurant, it was quiet which not only gave us a good opportunity to take some pictures but we got to gossip in peace.

The menu at Altoria Bar & Grill is simplistic, it’s broken down into sections like small dishes, salads, sliders, burgers, classics and sharers and there is nothing over £10 on the menu.  As much as I love gourmet food, there are nights when I just want something simple that wont break the bank and that’s what Altoria Bar & Grill offers.

The small dishes could be eaten as Tapas or starters and there is something for everyone ranging from chicken wings to breaded Goats cheese.  Prices are £3.50 unless you opt for a larger portion of chicken wings and at that price we couldn’t refuse a small dish as a starter.

Starters Altoria

Mama L went for the grilled tiger prawns in garlic and lemon which were served on a bed of spinach and I had the salt and pepper squid which was served with a garlic mayo.  I’d be really interested to try the mac & cheese as it’s one of my favourites but I have to admit I am quite particular about it and I like it to be cooked from fresh rather than out of a packet.

Burgers Altoria

Two 4oz beef burgers are served in a brioche bun with a homemade relish, salad and a choice of original or sweet potato fries.  You can add a range of toppings to your burger for £1 and both Mama L and myself went for the onion rings.

The cost of a burger really perplexes me as you can pay anything from £5 up to £15 in some local eateries.  The burgers at Altoria bar & grill were a purse friendly £5.95 and in my opinion were worth every penny, I couldn’t finish mine it was so filling.

Altoria Dessert

My only criticism came at dessert time.  I have a strawberry allergy and wasn’t expecting my brownie to come with the lovely juicy strawberry garnish.  Mama L helped me out by eating the offending strawberry along with some of the brownie it was touching.  Desserts are £3.95 and the brownie was incredibly rich, gooey and decadent – I would have this each and everytime.

Altoria Cocktails

Drinks are reasonably priced and the drinks menu is vast. At the time of our visit the cocktails were on 2 for 1 which is a huge bonus.


If you’re in the Leamington Spa area and fancy some good food at reasonable prices you can find Altoria Bar and Grill at 45 Warwick Street, Leamington, on the ground floor of Altoria.

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  1. Fab evening, Madame Gourmand. May there be many more!

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