Basement Browns – Leamington Spa

Hands up if you love pizza

Here in the Gourmand household Pizza is a must, we love it. We even have our own President of the Pizza fan club.

Basement Browns

If you live in / visit / drive through Warwickshire and you don’t take a trip to Basement Browns you need to sort your life out. Seriously.

Basement Browns

The first time we ate here it reminded us of ordering pizza in America where you can’t eat it alone, it must be shared.  It might surprise you to hear that when it comes to pizza we are NOT creatures of habit. Sometimes we like to keep it simple, sometimes we like meat and sometimes we like to mix it up with a half and half and thankfully Basement Browns is always happy to oblige.

Basement Browns Pizza

The youngest member of the Gourmand Household usually manages one slice before his disco feet start moving and he feels the need to leave his seat for a dance (true story) which is music to mine and Mini Gourmands ears because we get the rest for ourselves.

Basement Browns pizza

Now I won’t like, i do like a sprinkling of herbs on my slices and Mini Gourmand likes a sprinkle of chilli flakes on hers, it adds to the flavour you see. Whatever your tastes it’s probably worth me mentioning the price at this point. £12 will get you a Margherita in the size shown above and flavoured pizza such as pulled chicken, pepperoni, chargrilled vegetables will cost you between £14 – £16.  Toppings such as olives, peppers, onions, sweetcorn and mushrooms are free and you can add any of them to the pizza when you order. Bargain right?

Basement Browns Pizza

One of my favourite things has got to be the garlic bread. Oh my it’s so good. Soft, buttery, garlic laced – I hate sharing it!

Nutella Pizza

Now you’re probably wondering where the desserts are? Wonder no more as I present to you Sweet Nutella Pizza, £3.50 will get you the delight you can see above and believe me it’s worth every penny.

Basement Browns Takeaway

Stuck in the house and craving Basement Browns? No need to panic, they also do takeaway via Deliveroo so you never need to go without again!

If you fancy good pizza, a beer or glass of wine and really chilled surroundings make your way to Basement Browns 77-79 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa.

* I wasn’t paid to or asked to write this, I just love the pizza!

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