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Our last visit to Cafe Rouge in Leamington Spa saw us leaving before we had ordered any food or drinks, the service was diabolical and the attitude of the staff, in particular the manager was abysmal which resulted in me writing a heated complaint to head office.  We always think second chances are owed so we decided to visit Cafe Rouge again on a lunchtime to see if they could redeem themselves.

Stella_Cafe Rouge

As it was a nice warm day we decided to sit outside, I went in to ask for a menu just in case the waitress hadn’t seen us.  I was determined to actually get served on this occasion and wasn’t taking any chances.  We both ordered a beer which was served in chilled glasses, we were both very pleased about this as so often you get a fresh out of the dishwasher warm glass in which to put your cold drink.

Calimari_Cafe Rouge

We both picked Calamars for our starter which was lightly fried squid with an aioli dipping sauce.  The squid was cooked to perfection, it wasn’t chewy like squid can sometimes be, instead it was soft and delicious.  Baby Gourmand ate a pretty decent sized portion and loved the aioli (he’s a bit of a garlic fiend).

Salad_Cafe Rouge

Grandpa Gourmand had the Salade De Poulet for his main course which was a warm salad consisting of chicken, bacon, potatoes, red onion, boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and green beans.  The salad had a deliciously sweet dressing that I’ve just not been able to replicate no matter how hard I try. Grandpa Gourmand went as far as to say it was his favourite salad by far.

Fishcakes_cafe rouge

My main course was Croquettes D’Eglefin which was smoked haddock and chedder fishcakes served with fries and a side salad.  The aioli dip was supposed to be a citrus dip but it just tasted like the one served with the starter, I wasn’t complaining though as it was delicious and Baby Gourmand happened to agree.  My fishcakes were extremely filling and there were so many fries that I had to get Grandpa Gourmand to help me eat them.

The food we ate got a 10/10 but it all went a bit downhill when it was time to pay.  I wont go in to the ins and outs of what happened next as I don’t want to embarrass any of the staff working that day but what I will say is that I won’t be visiting Cafe Rouge in Leamington Spa until they hire a new manageress.


3 Responses to Cafe Rouge – Leamington Spa

  1. Elle says:

    Its SUCH a shame when the service let’s down a restaurant 🙁

  2. Georgina says:

    What a shame! So disappointing when good food is let down by poor service.

  3. David says:

    My wife and I had exactly the same experience. The food was excellent however the service from the staff was worse than slow.
    We tried Leamington as we wanted a change from Stratford upon Avon.
    I have to say having eaten at many Cafe Rouge in the UK Stratford get 10/10 across the board and on the few time we have eaten their so does Pinner.

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