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haddie & trilby

Haddie & Trilby is a real bakery, by real I mean that everything is made onsite by hand.  The bread is slowly fermented and takes a minimum of 24 hours to create, I’ll talk more about the bread later but what I will say now is that after tasting the bread at Haddie & Trilby you won’t go back to supermarket bread.  All of the ingredients are sourced carefully, the flour is organic, the eggs are free range and the coffee is tasty.  

I don’t often buy bread and cakes as I prefer to make them myself but as the bakery had just opened I thought I would give my hands and mixer a break and buy some treats for us to sample.


It’s always nice to be able to see things being made and that’s exactly what you get at Haddie & Trilby, it’s not only a bakery and cafe it’s a working bakery and cafe.

Haddie & Trilby window display

Haddie & Trilby cakes haddie & trilby foccacia


The food in the window display is most appetising and we were immediately drawn to the quiche and foccacia, after a quick discussion we had decided that we would be getting one of each for our lunch.

haddie & Trilby bread

The bread was all completely different and taster loafs were on display so you can try before you buy which is a fantastic idea, I sampled some of the signature loaf and was instantly smitten.

I selected the items I wanted to purchase, watched as it was expertly wrapped and placed into brown boxes or paper and paid my £22.50 which I think is the most I’ve ever spent in a bakery on 6 items.

Haddie & Trilby boxes Haddie & Trilby stickers


Once we arrived back at home Mini Gourmand couldn’t wait to see what I’d spent so much money on and I think she looked a little deflated when she saw I only had 3 boxes and a loaf of bread, I was praying that the taste of the items overwhelmed him or I was going to be in big trouble.

haddie & trilby quiche

haddie & trilby quiche on plate

First up was the quiche, I had a slice of roasted tomato and asparagus and mushroom and wild garlic.  I’ve told Mini Gourmand on numerous occasions that making your own quiche can quite often cost 2-3 times as much as buying one from a supermarket especially if you make your own pastry so with this in mind we tucked in.  We both agreed that the quiche was delicious and Mini Gourmand said that the mushroom quiche was quite possibly the best she had ever tasted – I need to up my game I think.  I loved the roasted tomato and asparagus quiche and Baby Gourmand seemed to enjoy his mouthful but I had to agree that the mushroom quiche was outstanding.

haddie & Trilby foccacia in box

haddie & Trilby focaccia on plate

I warmed the Foccacia up slightly in the oven as I thought we would enjoy it more when warm.  We had half each and I have to say that it was a pretty hefty sized sandwich even as a half portion.  The white sprouting broccoli was delicious and the cheese and chilli really complimented it.  Baby Gourmand enjoyed his first tasting of white broccoli and Mini Gourmand ate hers so fast  she barely had time to breathe. 3 items down and 3 to go we were pretty full up so thought it would be best to leave the sweet things and the bread until later.

haddie & trilby cakes on plate

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I make pretty exceptional brownies, I often get asked to make a batch of my oreo stuffed brownies and my cherry brownies always go down very well so I was looking forward to trying the brownie from Haddie & Trilby.  The prune in earl of grey brownies were nice but not really to my taste which is nothing against them, I just prefer a fudgy sweet brownie.  Mini Gourmand ate the other cake alone which she thought was amazing, it was flavoured with spices and was topped with juicy apples.

haddie & Trilby bread h&t bread Haddie & Trilby bread

Mini Gourmand scoffed when I told her that the bread would last a week, I’m not sure if this was because she didn’t believe me or if she wasn’t planning of leaving it for that long – probably the latter.  The speciality loaf contains a whole orange and a mixture of fruit and seeds, it’s not a sweet bread or a savoury bread but more a mixture of the two.  We’ve only eaten this bread as it is with butter but I’d imagine it tastes delicious as part of a ploughmans.  We have a quarter of a loaf left and it tastes as good three days on as it did when we bought it.

I’ll definitely be using Haddie & Trilby as my local bakery in the future on those days when I don’t have the time to bake myself, I wish them a lot of success in their new venture and hope to visit again soon.

You can find Haddie & Trilby at 10 Regent Street, Leamington Spa.

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  1. Donna says:

    This place looks amazing! Not sure I would ever want to spend £20+ in a bakery but you definitely get what you pay for. I love the packaging! x

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