Havana Casa De Cafe – Leamington Spa

Situated on Warwick Street in Leamington Spa is Havana Casa De Cafe, it’s one of those places that you could walk past numerous times and not actually see which makes it quite interesting I think.

We first visited for coffee and cake but that was before Baby Gourmand was born and places can change dramatically in a year so when Grandma and Aunty Gourmand were visiting us for the weekend we decided to have breakfast and I can confirm it was delicious.

Regualr readers will know that the Gourmand family like their food so we were praying that the portion sizes would still be decent on our third visit just after Christmas.


Baby Gourmand behaved himself and we decided rather than buy him anything, we would order food that he liked and put it on a side plate for him.  He looks like he should be facing the other way and playing the piano in this shot!!


Mini Gourmand hummed and harred over what to get, as usual.  Havana has a quite unusual breakfast menu catering for the sweet and savoury toothed among us, so definitely a good choice if you want something, but you’re not entirely sure what!  The Full English eventually won the day, with a little persuasion from the waiter and boy was Mini Gourmand pleased.  “Chips with a breakfast.” she exclaimed.  Was this a good thing or bad thing I thought.  Context is important.  A bag full of crinkle cut chips with greasy fried, eggs not so good.  Half a dozen beautifully cooked and seasoned chips on a plate of equally beautiful ingredients is!  Thankfully this breakfast was the latter, and I hope the photographs do it justice.  In fact, i’m going to Havana again on Sunday, and i’m sure Mini Gourmand will order the same breakfast again.


I decided to go for simple muffins with fried egg, mushroom, and tomatoes.  Pretty simple I know, but as I said earlier, this is the beauty of Havana, this is exactly what I fancied, it tasted nice, was cheap, and left room for a cake at lunchtime! Perfect!

Anyone looking for a nice breakfast should try Havana, it really is a great little place.  I actually might visit for evening drinks one day, cocktails at breakfast?!


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