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Shou Shou has only recently opened in Leamington Spa so we decided to go on Saturday to have a little look and hopefully sample something delicious.  We didn’t actually know what sort of edible treat to expect as we had only seen a couple of interior pictures on facebook so we entered with open minds, when I first saw pictures of the interior of Shou Shou I originally thought it was  sister branch of another of Leamington Spas vintage style coffee shops and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a new venture.

shou shou


From the outside Shou Shou looks very pretty and chic, the sort of place you would visit for afternoon tea surprisingly this didn’t put Mr Gourmand off as he’s quite in touch with his feminine side!

plate decoration


I love the vintage plate decoration adorning the wall, it seems really popular with coffee shops at the moment to have vintage crockery and I’m certainly not complaining as I love it.  There are a lot of pastel colours used in Shou Shou which really do add to the chic feel I assume they are trying to portray, the lilac painted chair was a winner for me.



The menu is quite simple but contains something for all tastes, there is a good selection of breakfast items, cold sandwiches, paninis, salads and of course Afternoon tea, we were too late for breakfast and too early for lunch so decided to sample a cake instead.



The cakes on display all looked delicious and I was torn between the Frangipan or Zucchini and Lime cake, Mr Gourmand was saving himself for lunch so suggested I pick a cake we could both try. Don’t you hate it when this happens? I knew that half of my cake would be eaten so if I’d been clever I should have picked something he didn’t like just to prove a point!

zucchini and lime cake


We both went for an Americano and I selected the Zucchini and Lime cake which was delicious and tasted home made, the cake was moist but didn’t fall apart when you put your fork in it.  There was a layer of lime curd sandwiching the cake together and buttercream icing topped off the cake.  Mr Gourmand originally turned up his nose when he found out the cake contained a vegetable but quickly realised you couldn’t taste it and the cake was too delicious to even care about the ingredients.  The owner of Shou Shou asked how we were enjoying the cake so I took my chance to ask if they were made in house which is always a big bonus for me, they are actually handmade but by a lady who supplies to the coffee shop which is great as I love small business supporting other small businesses.

You can find Shou Shou Cafe at 135 Regent Street, Leamington Spa

2 Responses to Shou Shou Leamington Spa

  1. Alina A. says:

    I’ve been there couple of times and I can never get enough of the fresh croissants with cheese and ham and the chocolate mint tea! Also tried the lime cake which still makes my mouth water just from thinking about it. Good atmosphere, good service and absolutely lovely decorations (the vintage phone was my favourite)! I am definitely recommending it to everyone! Xx

  2. Debby Jordan says:

    Last week one of my girlfriends offered to have our weekly meetings at this place. That was the first time I have been there, but certainly is not gonna be the last time as found the french-cafeteria-alike atmosphere very adorable. I ordered a panini and loved it as much as the french tea from their special collection (It’s a shame that I can’t spell it’s fancy name 🙂 I think it is a lovely place to catch up with friends in the afternoon.

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