Laus 202 – Newcastle

Laus 202 is situated at 92-98 Newgate Street in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Chinese buffet restaurants are not really somewhere we would visit in Newcastle as the majority are quite poor when it comes to the variety and quality of the food on offer, I’d heard some good reviews from friends about Laus 202 and decided to bite the bullet and give it a try.

 The Sunrise buffet is available between 11.30 – 5.00pm and costs £7.90

The Sunset hour buffet is available between 5.00 – 6.00pm and costs £11.00

The Sunset buffet is available between 6.00 – 10.30pm and costs £13.00

What makes Laus 202 different from other buffets is the fact sushi is served, the sushi isn’t the best I’ve ever had but it’s edible.

Soup is usually standard at all buffets, what’s nice about the sweetcorn soup at Laus is the lack of salt in the soup.  I’ve been to some restaurants before where it tasted like a bucket of salt had been placed in the soup making it inedible.

The usual fried starters are available such as Seaweed, Spring Rolls, Won Tons, Prawn Toast and Samosas and a selection of dipping sauces are on offer.

Mr Gourmand and Mini Gourmand are massive rib lovers and there is a selection available to choose from at Laus 202 rather than just the usual BBQ.

Chinese buffet food on a plate never looks appetising when it’s someone elses but every dish that was sampled was very tasty and the sauces were thick rather than the usual watered down sauce that you often find at buffets.

Unfortunately during my visit there was no room left for dessert but a full selection is on offer throughout the day.

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