Roberto La Dolce Vita Newcastle

A long time ago myself and Mr Artist used to go to a little Italian restaurant in Newcastle upon Tyne called Roberto La Dolce Vita or Roberto’s as it was known to us. Now, we were both young, and I am not proud to admit this, but we used to think it was the greatest restaurant around because the carafes of house wine were about £7 for a litre, and we would get pretty drunk while ordering far too much off the menu! To be fair though, we did visit the restaurant when sober as well, and the food was really good with possibly the best chips ever – perfectly seasoned and just a dream to soak up the house wine…

As time went by we stopped visiting Roberto’s because Roberto died, the restaurant closed for a long time and when it reopened the menu had changed and it seemed to lose a little bit of that special charm that used to make us visit so often. So we simply stopped going.

Roll on about 8 years, and myself and Mr Artist found ourselves in Newcastle visiting family and popped into town for a bit of lunch from our favourite Italian in the Bigg Market that we started going to before I moved to Leamington Spa. As we walked to the entrance we noticed it was shut and going to re-open under new management, not usually a good sign, so slightly disappointed we walked over to our second choice Italian which was closed for refurbishment! Oh dear, we had been talking about looking forward to lunch all day and it looked like we would end up somewhere not so good. Our journey searching for somewhere to eat lead us to the Westgate Road area of town, where Roberto’s was – and with a little persuasion we thought we would try it once again for old times sake.

Tomato garlic bread

Now, we didn’t have much time so we knew it would just be the case of a quick pizza and chips, and sadly for Mr Artist, no carafe of house wine!. We started with a garlic bread with tomatoes, yum. very garlicy, lovely tasty seasoning, perfect base. delicious. Some people might say where can you go wrong with a garlic bread, believe me it must be easier than you think because I have had some terrible ones! This however, was delicious.

Seafood Pizza

I decided to have a seafood pizza which is usually my first choice, only problem is they irritate the top of my mouth a little depending on what brand of tuna is used but as they usually taste so good I put up with the discomfort! This one again was perfect, excellent base, mouth watering toppings…please – just look at the picture, it was rather excellent. Although I couldn’t finish it so doggy bag home for this one!

chicken kiev pizza

Mr Artist went for the Kiev pizza, and again perfect base. the topping was so garlicky and mourish according to him, I honestly can’t look at this without wanting a bite – sadly this photograph is about as close as you get to a pizza when Mr Artist is around, as he ate it all up without offering me any!


The chips were also delicious and reminded us both of how they used to be…in the good old days…

If you get a chance and you are in the Westgate Road area of Newcastle this place is well worth a visit, even the decoration and tables coverings were the same from all those years ago!

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