Spago Restaurant – Jesmond

Spago restaurant is situated within minutes of the House of Gourmand, however, in all of the years we have lived in Jesmond we have never visited. After one of those days when you just can’t be bothered to cook we decided to take advantage of the Special Menu at Spago.

The Special Menu is served between 12pm -2pm & 5.30pm – 7pm Monday to Friday and changes every couple of months.
For £7.25 you get a choice of 3 starters, 2 special dishes or any pizza or pasta and a filter coffee.

Mr Gourmand opted for the Minestrone soup which was plentiful with a slightly spicy taste and more vegetables than you usually find accompanying a main course. The soup was mopped up with the generous serving of homemade bread that quickly arrived following our drinks order.

I was left with only one choice as I don’t like having the same dish (it’s a sharing thing) and the other option contained blue cheese which of course I’m allergic too so I chose the Green Lip Mussels with a pepper salsa. The Mussels were huge and tasted very fresh, the pepper salsa was basically chopped peppers and a bit of onion, it’s not something I would have put with the mussels myself as the flavours didn’t really complement each other. The side salad had a delicious basil / olive oil flavour and I would have preferred this to be poured on the mussels rather than the salad.

Mr Gourmand’s main course was a Fillet of Smoked Haddock in a curry sauce served with broccoli, carrots, broad beans and dauphinoise potato. The smoked fish and curry was quite a tantalizing combination which was why Mr Gourmand decided to sample it. The Haddock was beautifully prepared and also a large portion for such a reasonable price, while the curry sauce was equally delicious but sadly too delicate for the smoked fish which left it overpowered. It was still delicious however, but the curry sauce would have been better served with a less strong tasting fish such as Talapia. The vegetables were perfect as is so often the case in small, independent Italian restaurants with good variety and extra marks for the dauphinoise potatoes, which for a long time have been a firm favourite in the House of Gourmand. 

I went for a rather basic choice, a Napoli pizza containing anchovy and capers. The simple flavours really complimented each other with the saltiness of the anchovy and the softness of the capers. There was just the right amount of topping meaning that each mouthful had a delicious piece of the anchovy and capers. It is also worth noting that my pizza was so large I couldn’t finish it!

To conclude the meal we had a cup of coffee each. I don’t know what it is about filter coffee from an Italian restaurant but it is always delicious and the coffee served at Spago was no exception! I loved the smoky strong flavour which nicely finished off an enjoyable evening.
Overall it was a good and very reasonably priced experience with helpful staff and a welcoming, traditional atmosphere; it is worth noting traditional for me means not being kissed by the waiters, although we spotted a little of this going on with some of the more elderly ladies so not to worry if that is your thing. The Gourmands will certainly be visiting again as Mr Gourmand has his heart set on tackling one of the pizzas next time.

Spago is situated at 15 Osborne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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