It’s a long time since I last signed up to a food subscription box, I started out loving them but after a few months the products I was receiving just didn’t seem to excite me anymore, I thought I’d do a web search to see if any new subscription boxes had started up and that’s when I came across flavourly.com.

For £20 a month you will receive a box containing handpicked products from independent suppliers based only in the UK.

flavourly box

Your flavourly account will tell you when your next box is due to be posted so you can look out for it, it’s too large to fit through a letterbox so if you don’t have anywhere safe for it to be left you may find you need to pick it up from a sorting office.

flavourly meet the makers

Each box comes with a little booklet which explains how the service works and best of all give information about each of the makers featured in the box.  I purposely didn’t read this until I had opened my box to keep the contents a surprise.

flavourly packer

My flavourly box was handpacked by Arden, the meet the makers booklet tells me that Arden is the “Flavour Keeper” or warehouse Manager, I have no idea if the packers change from box to box as this was my first one.  I can only assume that hand packing the boxes ensures that no mistakes are made and that each box is as perfect as it can be.

Flavourly contents Feb 2015

I received everything pictured above in my box, some things were full sized items and others were samples, the product value of my box came to around £18.21 which isn’t too bad considering I got to try things I probably wouldn’t have purchased myself, I have noticed that quite a few of the items are quite difficult to buy as a consumer like the Darling Corn which I could only find in bulk.

Soffles Pitta Chips

I was really excited about trying the Soffles Pitta chips as I’m a huge fan of savoury snacks and pitta bread so this sounded like a match made for me, the chips contain nothing artificial and no preservatives.  I wasn’t too fussed on the flavour as I found the rosemary quite overpowering but I do like the sound of some of the other offerings like spring onion and parmesan and chilli and garlic.

Urban Fruit Mango


Baby Gourmand was quick to grab the packet of Urban Fruit in Mango which I was happy for him to munch on as it contains to sugar or preservatives.  I’ve only been able to find this in large bags which is a shame as the smaller bags would be perfect for taking out with us as a snack.

Lizi's Granola


Mini Gourmand had the packet of Lizi’s Granola in Treacle and Pecan for her breakfast, she is a huge fan of granola and thinks of herself as a bit of an expert so when this got the thumbs up from her I knew it must be good.  I love the fact you just needed to add water to the pouch and you were ready to eat on the go – genius idea.

Fairfields farm crisps

The Sweet potato with chilli & lime crisps were probably my second favourite items from the box, I loved the flavour, crunch and amount of crisps in the bag.  I actually ate these in the kitchen so I wouldn’t have to share them, that’s how delicious they are!  I have the farmhouse cheese & chive and the sour cream & onion on my list to try next.


I haven’t had the chance to try the Saison seasoning blend but I know it will be incredibly useful, I’m a big fan of flavourful seasonings and I think this will make a delicious rub for steak or fish.

Willie's Cacao

I’ve been a fan of Willie’s Cacao products for a number of years now and have tried many of the flavours but this was my first time tasting the Indonesian Gold. Willie is the only small cacao grower and producer in the UK and I find his story fascinating.  I found the chocolate to be incredibly fruity tasting and I savoured each bite (I still have a square stashed in the cupboard for the next time I need a chocolate boost).

Kents Kitchen

Kents Kitchen is a brand I was unfamiliar with prior to receiving this box, they take the stress out of cooking a complicated meal.  I love Thai food but don’t cook it as often as I would like due to the fact that the ingredient list required is usually quite large and can be expensive if the ingredients are not in season.  This kit contains everything I need to make a Thai Red curry apart from a couple of components, I’m going to use this next week and will let you know what I think of it in due course.

Supernature Oil

I was really excited to see Supernature oil featured in my box, I’ve been a fan of the brand for a while now and already own the original and chilli infused oil so to receive the basil oil made me incredibly happy as I really do love the taste of basil and have already been drizzling this on pasta and potatoes.

Rani's Mixture

Rani’s Mixture is my favourite item out of the whole box, the snack is handcooked and is probably one of the best snack mixes I have ever tasted.  The snack mix is incredibly Moorish and I found that once I had started eating it I couldn’t stop sticking my hand back in the packet, this was again something I was not prepared to share under any circumstances.


Umami is one of the five basic tastes, a savoury taste, I’m excited to try this but I do have to admit that I’m not sure what to expect from it.  Apparently one squeeze is enough to make non-cooks good, good cooks great and great cooks extraordinary.

Bekaert Biscuit Butter

Bekaert biscuit butter tastes a little bit like peanut butter crossed with caramalised cinnamon, it’s definitely a love it or hate it flavour and is incredibly indulgent.  I personally loved the biscuit but found the spread a little sickly so gave it to Mini Gourmand to finish.

Darling Corn

Darling Spuds roasted sea salt corn is a very unique snack, I’m really not sure if I liked it or not and I can’t explain why.  I love corn and I love popcorn but I found that this snack left a dry taste in my mouth, almost like I’d eaten something that was burnt.

Berry mix


I’m not sure if this berry mixture was an extra or not as I couldn’t find anything about it in my makers leaflet.  Grandma Gourmand grabbed this out of the box and enjoyed it on her cereal and found it delicious, she kept the rest to snack on while on the train back to Newcastle.

Overall I am incredibly impressed with flavourly and I can’t wait until my next box arrives.

If you’re interested in signing up for a flavourly box with £5 off you can sign up here

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