Sunday Lunch at No28

After some very good food served at No.28 (you can read about it here) we decided to make an effort to visit for Sunday lunch

No28 is situated on 27-29 Nelson Street right in the centre of Newcastle city centre.  It’s a little hidden gem with quirky furniture and fantastic food.

A Sunday lunch at No28 costs £7.95 which is great value for money for a home cooked no frozen veg meal.

Mr Gourmand had the Roast Pork which came with apple sauce and crackling, it’s a meat he doesn’t get to eat at home so whenever possible he will usually choose it as a Sunday Lunch meat.

I picked the Roast Beef which was delicious and melted in the mouth.  We both had carrots, savoy cabbage, broccoli, green beans, Roast potatoes, Mashed Potato, Mashed turnip, Roast Parsnips and a huge Yorkshire pudding.

I couldn’t finish my meal so Mr Gourmand helped himself to my Parsnips and Roast potatoes.  My only criticism with my food was that it was a little salty, Mr Gourmand hadn’t noticed this with his meal but after tasting mine he did agree that either the gravy or mashed potato tasted like salt had been added to it.

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