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Afternoon Tea – Gourmand Style

I recently met up with my friend Carmen for afternoon tea at the Sofitel Hotel in London, I was being polite and didn’t take any pictures of my food which was a hard task for me considering my phone currently houses over 800 pictures (I’ve only had it since December)

Grandma and Mini Gourmand were of course very jealous that I had been out for food without them, Mini Gourmand has never had afternoon tea and Grandma Gourmand usually complains that it doesn’t look very filling for the price – typical!

We had originally planned to just have a sandwich for lunch but the Coffee cake I had purchased from local deli Country Bumpkins inspired me to prepare an afternoon tea.


We ate:

Egg and Cress Sandwiches

Prawn and Avocado Sandwiches

Cream Cheese and Chive Sandwiches

Scones with Hedgerow jam and clotted cream

Coffee Cake

Chocolate Éclairs

Chocolate brownies


I explained to Grandma Gourmand that the amount of food we had was similar if not less than the amount you would get in a traditional afternoon tea, we left a sandwich each, a slice of cake and an éclair proving that afternoon tea is filling and is worth every penny (especially when cakes are home-made)

I love reading blog posts featuring afternoon tea so if you have one please share your links below!

Afternoon Tea at Olive & Bean

Olive & Bean is situated at 17/19 Clayton Street in the heart of Newcastle City centre

After a glowing review of the afternoon tea from a close friend, Mr Gourmand and I decided we had to see what all the fuss was about!  I love afternoon tea, especially when it comes with unlimited tea or coffee.

The afternoon tea at Olive & Bean costs £13.99 between two and comes with a selection of sandwiches, fruit scone, home-made cakes and endless coffee or tea.

Both Mr Gourmand and myself decided to order coffee and were provided with a cafetiere of organic brewed coffee and two china cups and saucers.

The couple next to us had also ordered afternoon tea and we had major food envy when they received theirs, the cupcakes looked delicious, there was a choice of cheese and fruit scone and there didn’t seem to be any ham in sight in the sandwiches which I was pleased about as I don’t eat it.  I had already previously asked to have a different jam to strawberry as I’m allergic.

Our Afternoon tea arrived and I must admit both Mr Gourmand and myself looked at the table next to us who gave a sympathetic smile, – no cupcakes and two fruit scones!

If I’m honest the lack of cupcakes didn’t bother me too much as I like any cake, it would have been nice to have the same though especially as we were sitting right next to a table with two cupcakes.  What did bother me a little bit was the two fruit scones.  I know the menu stated that fruit scones came with the afternoon tea but what I couldn’t understand was why the table next to us had the option of a cheese scone?

I digress, this is not cupcake or scone-gate

I couldn’t wait to get stuck into what we did receive, I had noticed that two of our sandwiches contained ham which wasn’t really a problem as Mr Gourmand likes it.

The cakes we received were actually delicious, we did have to take a couple of them home though as there was too much sugar for just one sitting!  The lemon and poppy seed cake was my favourite by far!

I was a little disappointed with the scone which was so crumbly I couldn’t even butter it as it just broke apart which was a shame as it just fuelled my hate of fruit scones even more, maybe I’ve just never had a good one?  The clotted cream that was served with the scone was actually rather delicious so I just poured  this all over my scone.

The sandwiches were jam-packed with filling, Mr Gourmand wasn’t too impressed with the amount of sandwiches we had but he’s just greedy!

Next time I go back I will ask for a cheese scone and maybe a cupcake if I’m feeling cheeky!

The afternoon tea is served Sunday to Friday 2pm until 5pm