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Crab Linguine



This dish was a store cupboard throw together like a lot of my meals.  I had half a pot of cream, a red chilli, a plum tomato and some asparagus in the fridge, not very exciting and not easy to turn into a dish.

I remembered that I had a tin of white crabmeat in the cupboard along with half a pack of Linguine.  The dish took less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook which was perfect for a midweek dinner.

This was a delicious meal if I do say so myself and was received better than some of my well thought out dishes!


Rose Veal with Herb Butter

*Please Note:  the following post contains Rose Veal which is from calves raised on farms in association with the UK’ RSPCA’s Freedom Food programme. *

This blog post was started back in March but I wasn’t sure how it would be accepted as it contains Veal, personally I won’t eat Veal unless I know where it has come from, I’m happy to eat high welfare meat like the Rose Veal featured in this blog post but I’m not happy to eat white Veal meat.

The following statement is taken from the Compassion in World Farming Website:

Calves reared to UK standard are provided with bedding and younger calves receive double the amount of fibrous food compared to continental veal calves. Older UK calves have greater space allowance than stipulated in EU law. Their diet must provide a minimum amount of iron equal to the EU minimum.

 You can see that the meat is slightly paler than a fillet steak but is of a similar size.

 I adore baby asparagus, it takes seconds to cook and has a mild but delicious taste.

I served the Rose Veal with baby asparagus and roasted vegetables.  The sauce on the Veal is a home made herb butter containing parsley, tarragon, chives and dill.