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Christmas Day Starters


We eat the same starters every Christmas day which never gets boring, we’re quite greedy and always have a choice of three. Well you never know who might pop by! Our all time favourite starter which never gets boring is a retro Prawn Cocktail, another is a delicious beetroot and goats cheese stack and the final one is a vegetable soup.

You can click on the video below to see how the starters were made or read below *Video is currently in editing mode*



prawn cocktail


My version of Prawn Cocktail is so simple and has 5 ingredients which are Prawns, Mayonnaise, Tomato Ketchup, lemon juice and Vodka. I can’t give quantities because it’s a trial and error kind of sauce, some people like their sauce thick others prefer a runny sauce.  You don’t have to use the vodka but I find it gives a nice kick.  You can serve with plain iceberg lettuce or add cucumber and tomato but you must always serve with a slice and lemon and 2 triangles of buttered brown bread.

beetroot stack


Beetroot and Goats cheese stack may look very simple and I suppose it is but it has a great flavour and makes a delicious starter.  I sprinkle my beetroot slices in dried thyme and olive oil and baked until soft, layer with goats cheese and sprinkle with sherry vinegar mixed with a good extra virgin olive oil.  Beetroot and Goats cheese is like a marriage in the mouth and really should be tried.

vegetable soup


I’m never sure if my Vegetable soup is in fact a soup or a broth as it contains pulses so I’ll let you decide what you want to call it.  What’s perfect about this is it takes less than 10 mins preparation time and cooks in the slow cooker so you don’t need to watch for it sticking.  I always use up what’s lurking in the bottom of my fridge so on this occasion I used 3 leeks, 1 swede, 4 carrots, 3 sticks of celery, vegetable stock and 1/2 a pack of broth mix.  I cook it in my slow cooker on high for 3 hours, decant some of the liquid into a jug and blitz with a blender and add back into the soup to thicken.