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Christmas Day Breakfast


We’ve already shown you some quick and easy canapés, given you lots of ideas for your festive buffet table but what do you eat on the big day? Our usual Christmas day breakfast consists of selection box chocolate followed by luxury scrambled egg and smoked salmon which you can see assembled below, you can click on the video or read the instructions if you prefer.


*Video editing is taking place and the video will appear in due course*

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and capers

You will need:

2 eggs per person
1 Bagel per person
1 tablespoon of cream per person
black pepper
smoked salmon
extra cream for drizzling

This is really as simple as it gets, if you don’t know how to make scrambled egg Delia Smith does a great version. Once your eggs are cooked stir is some cream, smoked salmon and give a good grind of black pepper.  Serve on a toasted bagel, sprinkle with capers and drizzle with cream. Voilà.

Fragata Olives and Capers

I love Olives and I love Capers so when a box of Fragata goodies popped through my door I was in my element!  I would have been quite happy to just eat them straight from the jar/tin by myself but thought it might be better to let the rest of the family try some.

My favourite stuffed olives are Pimento ones, I’m a creature of habit and rarely choose any other stuffed olive, I don’t usually cook with stuffed olives either as I find them too moorish and eat them in record speed.

stuffed olives

I wanted to make sure that the dish I used these olives in didn’t detract from the flavour (Anchovies are another favourite of mine) so I decided to make a Pizza – the recipe can be found here.  


The olives were juicy and the anchovies salty, just how I like them.  I used half a tin between two pizzas and the rest were picked out and popped in my mouth! Gourmand by name Gourmand by nature.


I probably go through one jar of capers a month as they are a staple ingredient in my breakfast scrambled eggs, I love capers in all different sizes and although I don’t eat these from the jar I do pop a lot on my plate each time I have them.

I wanted to try capers in something other than scrambled egg or pizza so I used them to stuff my sea bass – the recipe can be found here.

Sea Bass seabass

I just love capers and although there were some strong flavours in this dish, the flavour still came through so I will definitely experiment with the little green jewels more often.


Finally I had a jar of olives in Rosemary, garlic and Chilli, as you can see from my photograph I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and by the time I cooked my next dish I’d already eaten half a jar!  I really can’t help myself when it comes to olives, each time I open the fridge I have to have one or two.

I used the remaining olives in this Saffron Lemon Chicken dish – the recipe can be found here.

Lemon Chicken

We are a family of olive lovers and although Mini Gourmand found these olives quite strong tasting no one had any left on their plate.

Fragata do a massive range of Olives and anti pasti including hot peppers mmmm.  I loved experimenting from my normal dishes and I’ve managed to find three more family favourites.

*Disclaimer – I was sent some Fragata products for review purposes, all opinions are my own and my post is honest and impartial.*