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Chalk & Paper

Chalk and Paper is a small cafe situated within the Savannah LifeStyle Salon & Spa, 11-14  Nelson Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.

I recently visited with Chelsea during a break from university for a quick bite to eat.

As I needed a big caffeine Kick I went for an Americano, it was hot and strong and just what was needed to wake me up enough to get through the next lecture.

Chelsea went for a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.  I personally think the cream cools the hot chocolate down too much and makes it more of a dessert than a drink but each to their own I guess!

My baguette contained roast chicken and hummus with roasted peppers served with a side order of Greek salad.  I would have never thought to put chicken and hummus together but it’s delicious!

Chelsea went for the meatball melt with the Greek salad.

I made a huge mistake by forgetting to write down prices for everything but in my defence I had just come from a 3 hour lecture and had another 3 hour one to go to after lunch so my mind was on other things!