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Valentine Champagne Truffles

champagne Truffles

I was recently sent a box of Classic Champagne Truffles from Hotel Chocolat for review purposes, as a chocolate lover I was very excited to receive a valentine treat (I wont be getting one from Mr Gourmand!)


hotel Chocolat

The box that houses the chocolates reminded me of a vintage powder box, I almost expected to lift the lid and find a powder puff and scented body powder.  I have decided that after the chocolates have gone I will be keeping the box to house trinkets as it’s so pretty.


Because I’m currently pregnant and have been avoiding alcohol for the past 8 months it was nice to be able to have the Champagne flavour without the worry of the alcohol.  Champagne is usually classed as an indulgent drink and these chocolates are no different, once you pop one into your mouth it just oozes luxury.

The 200g box houses 16 chocolates which are very delicate in flavour with a very light and creamy texture.  After popping the first chocolate and devouring in record speed I decided to take my time with the rest of the box and went through a few different tasting techniques for my own entertainment which included licking off the icing sugar first and trying to lick the ganache before eating the chocolate neither of these techniques made any difference to the flavour but provided allowed me to eat the chocolates slower (16 chocolates are never enough for a pregnant chocolate addict)


I love the crack when you bite into a truffle and the way your tongue feels when the flavour hits it, I’ve never been able to recreate this at home when I make my own truffles but in all honesty who needs to when you can buy such delicious chocolates   I do find a truffle  to be like romance on the palate and this is exactly what a valentine present should be like, in my humble opinion this is the perfect gift to give to a loved one.

The box of Champagne Truffles was a real treat for me and something I would love to receive not only for valentines day but for my Birthday, Christmas or as a post baby gift hint hint!

The 200g box of Champagne Truffles are available from Hotel Chocolat for £20.o0

I was sent this item for review purposes however this does not affect my opinion, as always I have been completely honest in my review!