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Porridge Pot – Warwick


The Gourmand family had not been out for Sunday dinner for a long time and after much research and consideration we decided to try out the Porridge Pot in Warwick. At first we were unsure of our choice as it sits very close to a Holiday Inn which made me think it may have been a hotel restaurant – nothing wrong with a hotel restaurant mind you, it just wasn’t what we wanted on this particular Sunday!

Once we walked through the door though we felt immediately at ease, the interior was large and airy and created a very relaxing feel – you know when somewhere is loud with bustle and people moving round and background music, but quiet enough that you can still talk and be heard by the person at the other end of the table? Well that was how it felt. The atmosphere was really enjoyable and the huge windows and open ceiling worked together really well.

We decided that a carvery was a good choice although Mr Gourmand stupidly asked for something else to begin with, something non Sunday dinner like, which he would instantly regret when my food arrived; Thankfully for his sake what he ordered was not available so he stumped for the Sunday dinner carvery as well!

prawn cocktail

I decided that a prawn cocktail (£4.55) was the order of the day for a starter. It’s really dangerous ordering starters when you don’t know how big the main course is going to be, but what the heck we all did anyway. Prawn cocktails very rarely fail to impress and this didn’t disappoint. Good size with a tasty sauce and brown bread on the side. Delicious.

chicken strips

Mr Gourmand and Mini Gourmand opted to share a Sesame Teriyaki chicken skewers with dressed seasonal leaves and a sticky and oriental dipping sauce (£4.75). Three skewers, two eaters, and one very tasty dish could only lead to an argument…..so i stepped in and ate the third! Yum. The teriyaki sauce was sticky and perfect alongside the chicken skewers. I may get this myself next time, but only if the prawn cocktail has sold out.

porridge pot

Carvery dinner time (£8.95). The choice of meat was brilliant. You could have beef, turkey, chicken, pork, meat pie, and gammon; all of which came with little extras suck as pork crackling, mini sausages, and stuffing. The chef was very helpful and offered great portion sizes, perhaps not great for the diet but hey ho, we don’t go out for Sunday dinner that often. The veg was out of this world. You had the choice of different types of potatoes, carrots, broccoli, you name it. They also had nice touches such as leek and different types of gravy. I will definitely be going back here for the Sunday dinner alone!

Ok, before you read on I must apologise my eyes were too big for my belly, but luckily I was not alone. Mini Gourmand and me decided to hit the puddings with a crumble and custard and Eton mess, oh dear. The rest of the day was a blur as we lay at home holding our overfilled tummies!


eton mess