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Feed The Family For £3.21

I’m sorry that day 3-7 of my feed the family for £5 is a bit late, Grandma Gourmand came over to stay, Mini Gourmand went to Portugal with her other grandparents and I didn’t get time to write up my posts.  Although my feed the family posts are a little late I know the readers who were following them will be glad to see how I got on, they will also be glad to hear that I have pictures!!

Breakfast was the same as each morning so far, Mr and Mini Gourmand had Shredded Wheat Summer Fruits cereal, I had Honey and Almond Special K, our breakfast worked out at £0.30.


Lunch was Vegetable pasta, I had cooked up a huge bag of reduced peppers on the Tefal Optigrill to use over the next couple of days.  Today’s lunch consisted of some peppers, a vine tomato, cream cheese, dried herbs and dried pasta.  Each portion worked out at 20p each meaning Lunch for everyone was £0.60.


Dinner was Falafel with some of the Optigrill peppers, some courgettes gifted to us from a friends allotment, some baby sweetcorn left over from a reduced pack and some salad leaves from our balcony.  Dinner worked out at £2.15

Snacks were some Tesco own brand Digestive biscuits with a cup of tea costing £0.16

I spent a total of £3.21 on food today, my tip for today is to grow herbs or salad leaves at home even if you only have a small space like a windowsill.

What’s In My Bag For Comic Relief? Day 7

This year to raise awareness about Comic Relief I will be running a week long food focused blog post and vlog posts! Today is Day 7!


I have been provided with an exclusive Emma Bridgewater bag for life to base my ‘What’s in My Bag’ blog post around.
This year Emma Bridgewater has created an exclusive new homeware range for Red Nose Day 2013, available from HomeSense and TK Maxx stores throughout the UK.
The money raised from the range will be spent by Comic Relief to help people living incredibly tough lives across Africa and here in the UK.
The bag for life costs £9.99 with at least £4 going to Comic Relief which I’m sure you will agree is a massive donation and will help so many people out via this fantastic cause.
For more information please visit www.tkmaxx.com or www.homesense.com
If the bag isn’t your cup of tea there are so many other items you can purchase knowing that a good percentage of the sale price is going to help not only people in our own country but those in Africa.

Day 7


Falafel In Pitta Bread with Salad


In today’s bag we had the ingredients to make a simple dinner of Falafel in a wholemeal pitta bread with a Greek style salad.

There was no real cooking involved with this dish, I usually make my own Falafel but on this occasion I cheated and used ready made.

I filled the pitta bread with lettuce and hummus  added the Falafel and a generous spoonful of home made mint and cucumber yoghurt, this was served with a Greek salad and stuffed peppers.

* My Emma Bridgewater bag was provided free of charge for review purposes, this has not affected my opinion of Emma Bridgewater, TK MAXX or Comic Relief, as always my review is honest and impartial *