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Monster Burgers at The Fat Hippo

Regular readers will know that after my last visit to the Fat Hippo (here), Mr Gourmand and I couldn’t wait to go back and sample some more of the delicious dishes they have to offer.  Yesterday as I had a day off uni and Mr Gourmand was working from home we decided to walk over to the restaurant for lunch.

One thing that I love about the Fat Hippo is the quirky decor, the lights are fantastic, it’s light and airy meaning you can sit back, relax and watch people shopping on Acorn Road.

I always think a soft drink tastes better out of the bottle!  My Lemonade (£1.35) did not disappoint!

Mr Gourmand was delighted that his favourite Appletiser (£1.85) was on the menu as you don’t often find it in a lot of restaurants.

Mr Gourmand picked the Spicy Ranch Burger (£8.75) which consisted of a juicy 1/2 pound burger topped with Bacon, Chorizo, Guacamole, Jalapenos and Spicy Salsa.  The burger was served with home cooked chips, salad garnish and coleslaw.

The burgers served at the Fat Hippo are jam-packed with filling, Mr Gourmand loved the various tastes and textures going on within the Ciabatta bun.

You can see from this picture that you get an awful lot of burger for you money!  The actual burger is deliciously seasoned and combined with the spicy topping was a delicious meal.

Not only do you get the huge burger, you also get a bowl of home cooked fries, I don’t know how they make these but they are by far the best I’ve tasted.  Mr Gourmand agreed that although he loves my home cooked sweet potato chips, the chips served at the Fat Hippo are delicious.

The salad garnish tasted fresh and was a lovely accompaniment to the burger, rather than add the ingredients to our burgers we ate this separately.  We are both huge gherkin fans so this was the first thing both of us went for!

The coleslaw was delicious and tasted home-made, I say this because it didn’t have an artificial taste and the ingredients had a fresh taste to them.

Being the indecisive eater that I am, I’m allergic to blue cheese and don’t eat pork products so that crosses out a number of burgers on the menu I decided to have the Cheese Burger (£7.45)  with Onion Rings (£2.75)

My burger was huge, I had to take a variety of different shots just to show how large it actually was!

The Onion rings were delicious, the batter was light and fluffy and the onions inside were perfectly cooked.  Definitely the best Onion rings I’ve ate outside of my own home ( I do have to admit I make a damn good Onion ring)

All of the burgers are handcrafted in-house using 100% Northumbrian Beef.  My burger tasted delicious, the seasoning was perfect and my burger was juicy and cooked just how I like it to be cooked.

We did experience food envy on our visit as the table next to us ordered a nacho platter as a starter which looked amazing!

I’m sure we will be returning to the Fat Hippo again soon, next time we will have to bring Mini Gourmand along as she often complains she gets left out!

You can find the Fat Hippo on the corner of St Georges Terrace and Thornleigh Road in the heart of  West Jesmond or visit their website here

The Fat Hippo – Jesmond

Since I’ve lived in Jesmond which has been around 8 years, the Fat Hippo has been a number of different restaurants all with different names, I’ve never actually visited before so when Mr Gourmand suggested going somewhere local for lunch we made our way to The Fat Hippo.

The restaurant is quite simple inside with mismatched furniture and funky lighting, it’s quite homely and the kind of place you would go with friends for a good catch up.

The menu is vast and each dish sounds more delicious than the last which made it very hard to make a choice.

Mr Gourmand picked the mystery burger as the vast menu had proved too difficult to choose from.

The mystery burger was a breaded chicken breast with pesto and mozzarella.

The burger was served in a ciabatta bun with coleslaw, a salad garnish and the most amazing home cooked chips.

It’s not often that Mr Gourmand is speechless but during this meal he barely uttered a word.  I tasted one of the chips which was delicious and I was rather envious that I hadn’t picked a dish that came with these chips.

My first choice of squid was not available so whilst put on the spot I picked the Philly Steak club without blue cheese (£5.95)

The sandwich contained Pan fried steak strips cooked rare which were juicy and not at all tough with caramelised onion this was served with french fries and a side salad.

Both myself and Mr Gourmand had severe food envy when we saw some of the burgers that were served to other diners, this of course can be used as an excuse to go back again!

You can find the Fat Hippo at 35a St Georges Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne