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Christmas Wishlist With Morphy Richards

My wishlist this Christmas is as long as my arm, I think that has something to do with moving house and to a new area in August, I threw out a lot of my old items and had planned to buy new items but family life always seems to get in the way and I’ve ended up buying very little!  Here are my Smart ideas for Christmas from Morphy Richards.

When we moved house I gave away my beloved coffee maker on freecycle which was probably one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in a long time!  I’m a huge fan of coffee either in bean, ground or instant form.  During my pregnancy I’ve made sure that my daily caffeine allowance has been spent on coffee so I can still get my kick.


This Elipta espresso & filter combination coffee maker (£249.99) is something that dreams are made from! he Espresso function maintains 19 bar pressure, is compatible with both ground coffee and E.S.E. pods and has a cup warming feature.

Having this machine would mean I could still make my strong espresso for friends and family and I also have the option of brewing a pot of decaff coffee for myself should the need arise, all from the same machine!

My baby is due in March 2013 which means that I will need to start the transition from milk to solids around August time, I no longer own a food processor which always made life so much easier when I had my daughter so the next item on my wishlist is this hand blender and processor.


This Cream hand blender work centre (£69.99) will make the weaning process so much easier, I wont need to cook separate meals as I can just blend what the family are eating for dinner.    The accessories included with this machine are: blending leg, chopping blade, shredding Blades, slicing blades, 800ml beaker.

Because I’m very conscious about what my family are eating and like to ensure we get the best from all of our meals the Intellisteam food steamer (£99.99) is the final item on my list.


The unique intelligent timer ensures that all your steamed ingredients are perfectly cooked and that the whole meal is ready to serve at the same time.  The steamer is large enough to cook food for up to 4 adults meaning it can be used during dinner parties as well as family dinners.  To make life easier there are pre-set time guide for different foods including chicken, fish, vegetables, rice and sauces so no more guesswork.

As a member of the Foodies 100 this post is my entry into the Win Your Christmas Wishlist from Morphy Richards!