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Tefal OptiGrill Revisited

I previously posted about the Tefal OptiGrill post in this post here, I had only used it a couple of times so couldn’t do a completely thorough review of the product.

Since I wrote the post above I have used the Tefal OptiGrill to cook most of my meals, yesterday it was used to cook Breaded Chicken (Homemade) wraps and Steak Salad.



The Chicken wraps were simple to make, I cut up some chicken thighs, placed them in a bowl with some breadcrumbs and rapeseed oil mixed them around and placed on the OptiGrill for a couple of minutes until cooked.  Previously I would have cooked the chicken in the oven and would have spent ages soaking a baking tray after cooking to remove the stuck on breadcrumbs but with the Tefal Optigrill I didn’t have this problem.



One thing that the Tefal Optigrill cooks extremely well is steak, all kinds of steak.  The steak used for the salad above was flat iron steak which was actually sold at the butchers for use on a barbecue but I figured it would work just as well on the OptiGrill.  Once cooked the steak was buttery soft and melted in the mouth.

I’m definitely an OptiGrill convert and can’t wait to cook my next meal in it this evening which will be a boneless leg of lamb.