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Kitchen Wishlist

Everywhere I look lately I spot items that I just must buy for my kitchen, each time a newsletter pops in my inbox I am guaranteed to want almost everything on it!

Dot com gift shop is one of those websites that you could spend hours perusing, after spending most of the morning writing down items that I want I decided to write a blog post instead in the hope that my nearest and dearest will read and purchase the things I really must have.

This Set of 4 botanical measuring cups with flowers & butterfly illustrations £17.95 are just beautiful and would look great on show.

I love the retro candy stripe fizzy pop lidded plastic drinking cup with straw £2.95 perfect for a retro party or just to have on display.

The Dolly Girl set of paper doilies are perfect for placing under cakes and tea time treats £3.95 for 36 is a bargain!  The Skull doilies are also on my wish list!

I’m a massive fan of printed cake cases so these “I love London ” Pack of 60 paper fairy cake cases £1.50 are a must have.

I could probably just go on and on all day featuring my favourite items but I won’t, I’ll let you visit the website and see for yourself!


Mrs Harrisons Scones and Jam

There is nothing better than visiting friends and coming home with a bag of home made treats, our bag contained fruit scones and Raspberry Jam.

The Scones were Mrs Harrisons first attempt at Scone making since being a youngster and as a seasoned scone maker I have to admit they were pretty amazing and I’m speaking as someone who really doesn’t like fruit scones.

How appetising does this look!  The Jam was also home-made, quite tart just how we like it.

I love giving and receiving home made treats and I really think we should do it more often, what sort of treats do you give or receive?