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British Pie Week – Day 4

Day four of British Pie week sees a new brand and new flavour

Todays pie is from Pieminster and is a meat free pie called the Heidi Pie (£3.50).

The Heidi pie contains goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion and roasted garlic.

The Heidi pie, looked very appetising, I’m a sucker for that glossy egg wash look!

Once the pie had been cut open I could smell the goats cheese straight away, Mini Gourmand was helping with this taste test and as someone who doesn’t like goats cheese I was very surprised to see she had eaten her half and not noticed!

Mini Gourmand felt that there were not enough herbs in her pie but that couldn’t have put her off too much as it was gone in the blink of an eye!

On my first bite of the pie, the first flavour that came through was the garlic, the sweet potato helped to mellow this out and although I could taste the goats cheese I didn’t find it at all overpowering.  The pie had a bit of a kick but only slightly, this was probably due to the chilli flakes.

I was glad that I could hold the pie in my hands unlike yesterdays offering!

The pastry was crisp on the outside and soft inside and held together perfectly as the filling was quite moist.

Mini Gourmand had devoured her pie before I’d even started and I was getting some strange looks from her as I made mmm sounds while chewing!

I would never thought to pick a vegetarian pie before but I’m glad I did as this was delicious.

Pies can be purchased from Waitrose (Where I got mine) or http://www.pieminister.co.uk/