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Wetherspoons – Jug and Jester

The menu at Wetherspoons offers an enticing mix of traditional British meals, along with popular and innovative international dishes. Most of the food served is sourced from the UK and the brand have strict specifications for all of their products, ensuring that the highest standards of quality and safety are met.

Recently some new additions have been added to the menu such as Hotdogs, Peri Peri Chicken, Gourmet Burgers and we couldn’t wait to try some of these dishes out!

Wetherspoons establishments are family friendly which is great news for the Gourmands as it means if we don’t fancy cooking we can all go as a family and don’t have to arrange a baby sitter for Baby Gourmand.


We shared a Wetherspoon sharer (1794 Cal) which consisted of Spicy British chicken wings, spicy coated king prawns, southern-fried-style chicken strips, beer-battered onion rings, chips and a selection of dips.  I did initially think chips were a strange addition to the platter, I would have personally preferred to maybe have potato wedges or nachos but Mini Gourmand was happy to polish them off!  Everything was cooked well and nothing was greasy. I particularly liked the coating on the chicken wings, it was both hot and tangy and left a nice taste in the mouth.

hotdog lucie

Mini Gourmand had the Classic hot dog (1120 Cal) which was a pork hot dog, served with chips and a drink.  Usually when you order a hotdog you get a small sausage, this hotdog was a monster!  Mini managed 3/4 of the beast and said it was delicious.


Mr Gourmand had the Gourmet hot dog (1659 Cal)  which was served with chilli con carne, cheese, six beer-battered onion rings, chips  and a drink.  Just like Mini Gourmand’s hotdog this was a beast and was made even bigger by the addition of chilli and cheese.  Mini was upset that she didn’t get onion rings so Mr Gourmand shared some with her.  Mr Gourmand was very impressed with the quality of the dish and thought the chilli was a rather tasty addition.

burger Chicken_burger

I had the Tennesee Burger (1343 Cal) which was a chicken breast in a honey glaze made with Jack Daniels Tennesee honey.  This was served with six beer-battered onion rings, chips  and a drink.  The accompanying sauce was a little sweet for my tastes but I did love the smoky flavour.  The Chicken breast was cooked perfectly and was still very juicy.  I really liked the bun that the burger was served in, it was very different from the usual tasteless bap that is usually found with pub burgers.  The presentation of the dish was visually appealing and we all agreed that my dish look the best out of the three.

Overall as a family we were very impressed with the choice of food, the quality and the price at wetherspoons.  We visited the Jug and Jester in Leamington Spa which was filled with families and students on the Saturday afternoon that we visited.  Our starter, 3 main meals and 3 soft drinks came to £23.96 which I’m sure you will agree was very good value for money.


A few examples of Wetherspoons commitment to quality:

  • All steaks are from the British Isles and matured for at least 35 days
  • Weatherspoons was the Overall winner of England’s Best Steak Pie 2011 (Sponsored by EBLEX)
  • 100% British beef is used in the burgers
  • 100% Rainforest-Alliance-certified coffee is served
  • All sausages contain only British pork and no artificial colours or flavours
  • The waffles are a genuine Belgian recipe, made in Belgium
*Disclaimer* We were provided with Weatherspoons vouchers to use during our visit, this has not affected our opinion of the brand and as always our review is honest and impartial*

Chicken Hotdogs with Sauerkraut

Sometimes after a long day at university the last thing I want to do is spend ages in the kitchen preparing a meal when I could be relaxing.

Chicken Hotdogs with Sauerkraut is something that we would usually have as a snack but when you add a mixed bean chilli with rice as a side dish it turns a boring snack into a delicious meal.

The mixed bean chilli is really easy to make


1 teaspoon of oil

1 small onion, chopped

1 garlic clove, crushed

1 teaspoon chili powder

200g can chopped tomatoes

200g  canned mixed beans

I cook the onion in the oil until soft, add the garlic, tomatoes and chilli powder, cook for around 5 mins and add the beans to heat through.  mix this into some cooked basmati rice and serve.

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