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Kook Inn Nostalgia

I’m writing this post with a heavy heart, I came across the Kook Inn photographs on my phone while having a clear out and decided to write a post about it.

The Kook Inn holds comfort food memories from the days when it was based in the Greenmarket which no longer exists, my friend Steph introduced me to Fish Fingers, chips and gravy as a cure to a broken heart, it sounds vile but it really did work.

The spot in Newgate shopping centre where the Kook Inn stood until recently also holds memories from its days as the Fish ‘n’ boat, Mr Gourmand and I used to often go for Fish and Chips as it did the best ones in Newcastle city centre, we were elated when the Kook Inn took over the site as they decided to continue to sell fish and chips along with their other menu items.

On our last visit to the Kook Inn, it just happened to be the day when they would be closing the doors for good, there was no fish left as they had been getting rid of their stock over the previous days so we had pie, peas, chips and gravy as a goodbye meal.  To a lot of people the Kook Inn was just a greasy spoon frequented by the elderly but to me it held a lot of good memories and I’m really sad that it’s no longer there.