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Mussels In Spicy Tomato Sauce



Mussels make an incredibly cheap meal, my local fishmonger do a huge bag for under £5 meaning that by the end of the dish no one will be fighting for the last mussel as you will all be too full!

This wasn’t really a recipe, more of a throw what’s in the fridge into a pan and hope for the best and on this occasion it was a good choice.

I started off by cleaning the mussels, removing any beards or barnacles, I then discarded all of the dead mussels and rinsed them of any mud.

I finely chopped an onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 red chilli and gently cooked them in some olive oil.  I added 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, 1 glass of white wine, fresh black pepper and a teaspoon of sugar and left to cook for around 10 minutes.

I added the mussels to the pan and popped the lid on and cooked for 3-5 minutes until the mussels were open.  After I discarded the closed shells we enjoyed the pan of mussels with crusty french bread and only our fingers as eating utensils.  (I dare you not to get a spoon to drink the leftover sauce)