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The Jug and Jester – Leamington Spa

A couple of weeks ago Grandma Gourmand was visiting and offered to babysit while myself and Mr Gourmand went out for dinner so we decided to sample another couple of dishes from the new Wetherspoons menu.

You can read about our previous visit here.


As myself and Mr Gourmand were feeling particulary peckish as well as relieved to get a few hours on our own, we thought we would go for a favourite shared starter which was the Nachos doused in salsa, sour creme, and guacamole alongside jalapenos and a healthy sprinkling of cheese. Wetherspoons states the number of calories, which for this meal was 1437 Calories, which added additional guilt to the experience! As always this was delicious and simple, albeit quite large and a bit of a struggle for even two of us to finish.


I decided to go for a main course  of Southern-fried-style Chicken Strips with coleslaw and chips which was juicy and tasty and all for 1058 Calories. Although this meal wasn’t visually outstanding, it satisfied where it counts which was the taste! My only slight gripe was that I didn’t think the Tennessee sauce suited the chicken. The coleslaw however was really nice with a light flavour that added much needed texture to the dry chicken.


Mr Gourmand decided to go healthy and went for the Superfood wholewheat pesto pasta, with chicken (770 cal) which consisted of wholewheat pasta, nut free pesto, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, soya beans, broccoli, sugar snap peas, red onion and sun-dried tomatoes. He really enjoyed it and thought the option of adding chicken gave it the extra oomph which may have been missing without it. His plate was finished, licked clean, and ready to be put back on the rack before I had even finished half of what I ordered!

*Disclaimer* We were provided with Weatherspoons vouchers to use during our visit, this has not affected our opinion of the brand and as always our review is honest and impartial*

Northside Diner – Newcastle

You can find the Northside Diner on the 3rd floor of Fenwick, they certainly were not stupid when they placed an american diner in the middle of the toy department!

As far as a faux American diner goes, Northside diner looks the part, the colourful booths, tall barstools and jukebox just screams diner to you, the menu has a selection of burgers, hotdogs, stacked sandwiches and milkshakes.

During my visit, I wasn’t quite hungry enough to eat a full meal so I thought a plate of nachos with salsa might fill the gap, I wasn’t expecting the monster dish that was placed in front of me!  My plate held enough food for 3 people which was amazing value for money.  I probably managed to eat a third of the food, I would have eaten more had there not been a huge amount of grated cheese lurking underneath the salsa and nacho chips, don’t get me wrong, I do like cheese but I have my limits, I couldn’t eat a block of cheese at home and my plate of nachos definitely contained what would have amounted to a whole block if packed together.

During my visit with 2 friends not one of us left a clean plate so if you have a huge appetite Northside diner might just be the place for you!

Comfort Nachos

Sometimes the most simple of dishes can bring the most comfort.  Some  people will argue that you can’t find comfort in food, I have to disagree with this.

One of my favourite comfort foods to make is Nachos, sometimes I can’t even be bothered to bake them with cheese so I make the lazy girl nachos and just throw on the toppings.

A mini kenwood chopper can make salsa and guacamole in seconds

Comfort on a plate when I can’t be bothered to make Cauliflower cheese!

What is your ideal comfort food?