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Waitrose Love Life – who needs coffee?

As a self-confessed Coffee junkie I’ve been trying to make an effort to cut down my consumption which lets be honest can’t be doing me any good, I would say I drink on average 12 mugs a day at home, 4 large starbucks at University and copious amounts of tea which is also not great.

I do enjoy hot water with lemon but sometimes it get’s a bit boring so during my latest shopping trip I picked up a few boxes of herbal tea and the first one I’ve tried is the Waitrose Peppermint, Nettle and Ginkgo infusion. The tea is naturally caffeine free so I do expect some caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

Waitrose say it’s Refreshing and uplifting with the aromatic warmth of ginger.

The ingredients are 40% Peppermint Leaf, 30% Nettle, 20% Ginger Root and 10% Ginkgo.

The actual teabag is nothing special, it’s a regular standard looking bag, although it does look like it has been made with recycled paper.  Each box comes with 20 teabags and at a price of £0.99 it’s quite good value in my opinion.

I let the tea infuse for 3 minutes, the recommended time is between 2 – 5 minutes depending on the strength required.  It is also suggested that you drink the tea without milk.  I drank my tea without milk or sugar.

The only flavour I could taste was the peppermint, I didn’t get any of the ginger flavour coming through at all but I didn’t actually mind as the tea was a nice change.  At the time of writing this post it was 12.49 on a Sunday and I’d only had one coffee, one herbal tea and 3 glasses of water and I had the most awful headache which I’m assuming is the caffeine withdrawal?

I do like this tea and will continue to mix and match with the other flavours I purchased.  If anyone has any recommendations I’d love to hear them.