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Cafe One 20 – Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Cafe One in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, has been recommended to me a few times, and Mr Gourmand has been there with friends and raves about the place. He loves a place where he feels welcome, sometimes its the staff, other times the feel of a place just being right, well, for this place he seemed to think it had it all. I’ll be the judge of that! So, one morning Mr Gourmand suggested we visit it with his mam for an early morning coffee, and maybe breakfast…who are we kidding, of course breakfast!


bagel bagels

I went for a Breakfast bagel which came with scrambled egg and hash browns…slightly odd, but not as odd as the salad with dressing….hmm, a breakfast that thinks it’s a lunch, well, it was really quite nice, the scrambled eggs were done just as I asked and for a cheap price, yea, it was a pretty nice breakfast. I left the salad tho!

breakfast pancakes

Mr Gourmand and his mam thought what the heck and went for the Pancakes. Now, myself and Mr Gourmand don’t disagree on much, well actually we do, so this didn’t come as a surprise. The argument on this occasion is this – he doesn’t care what type of pancakes you get when you order ‘breakfast pancakes’, personally, I think if they are not proper ‘american style’ then what is the point! but ok, he ordered it so let’s get on with it. He enjoyed it, the scrambled egg was excellent and the bacon delicious, maybe slightly let down by the cheapish sausages that I don’t really think places can get away selling these days when most cafes have really upped the sausage quality game, but, it was cheap, cheerful, served nice coffee and had a great lunch menu, so would I try this place again? why not, but there may be a few other places I try first before coming back!

If you fancy trying this place out you can find Cafe One 20 at 120 Heaton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5HN

Zio Bar – Jesmond

Zio bar is attached to Fratello’s restaurant on Jesmond Road, Jesmond, and is easily accessible from Osborne Road by walking, or Bus and Metro Links.  Regular readers may recall my original Zio Bar post which was written back in April when I first visited, we were so impressed with this visit that we decided to pop back for more food and less alcohol!

At the time of our visit Zio bar were still offering £3 cocktails and we both decided it was too good an offer to pass on.

I decided to go for a Classic Mojito which consists of Havana Club Especial rum, churned with fresh lime, mint and crushed ice topped with soda water

Mr Gourmand had the Stormy Mojito which consisted of Gosling Black rum and ginger beer.

Both drinks were very refreshing and a complete bargain at £3 each!

I ordered the Chicken Burger which was moist and succulent, it was a whole butterflied chicken breast so was very filling.  The burger was served with hand cut chips and salsa.  I did find the chips a little dry which I think was possibly down to them being twice or maybe even thrice cooked.

Mr Gourmand ordered the Bacon Burger which was served with handcut chips and tomato salsa, the burger itself was delicious and was polished off in record time.

If you want a night out in Jesmond and would rather avoid Osborne Road or are looking for a quiet drink before heading into the city centre I highly recommend Zio Bar.

Blossoms Indian Cafe – Byker

The last place you would expect to go for a ‘Sunday dinner like grandma used to make’ would be an Indian cafe, my grandparents are not Indian yet the Sunday dinner tastes exactly the same as it did when I used to visit for my Sunday roast.

£4.oo doesnt get you much these days but what it does get you is a home cooked roast at Blossoms.

I went for the Roast Beef which was served with mashed and roast potatoes, mashed swede, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, peas and a huge yorkshire pudding.

Mr Gourmand had the Roast Pork which was served with the same vegetables.

The Sunday dinner comes in small and large, believe it or not we had the small! There is more than enough to keep the hungriest of diner satisfied, please don’t go to Blossoms expecting luxurious surroundings with cotton napkins because it’s not that sort of place, if you like cheap, delicious home cooked food this is the ideal place for you.

Blossoms Cafe is situated at 111-113 Shields Rd, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 1DN

Cafe Royal – Newcastle

My last visit to Cafe Royal was a bit of a disaster so when my mum asked me to meet her there for a coffee and a chat I was a little dubious. My parents frequently visit Cafe Royal (my mother loves the scones) and neither of them have had any complaints, so I figured I might as well pop along to see if my opinion would change.

As we had visited the Cafe early morning we had no problem getting a seat, if you visit anytime after 11am on a weekday you should expect to wait to be seated.

My Mum had her usual Cappuchino (£2.10) I personally find this drink contains more foam than coffee but Mum seemed to be happy with her chosen drink.

I had a Filter Coffee (£2.10) which was nice and hot, quite often a filter coffee will be just drinkable which is a bit rubbish if you’re planning on having a chat whilst you drink.

My Mums treat was a warmed up Raspberry scone; heating up a scone is a hate of mine. Apparently the raspberry scones are a favourite of my Mum and Dad as they tend not to crumble when cut (another hate of mine).

I played it safe and had a Cheese and Chive scone left cold exactly as I like it.  There was a good amount of flavour in the scone with just a hint of chives.  I love the fact that you get 2 packs of a decent butter, so many places suffer from butter rationing and 1 pack is the maximum they will offer!  I like a nice salted butter at home with scones and although the butter I had at Cafe Royal wasn’t particularly salted it suited the scone well.

I’m actually really pleased that Cafe Royal has redeemed itself in my estimation, I think my bad breakfast experience must have been a one off as I couldn’t fault my latest visit.

Al Sulttan

I last wrote about Al Sulttan in November of 2011, it’s one of my favourite restaurants to visit in Newcastle upon Tyne and now that I don’t live there anymore I miss my impromptu visits.

My last visit to Al Sulttan was a bit of a memorable occasion, I’d just found out that me and Mr Gourmand were going to have a baby and I was so nervous about telling him that the last thing on my mind was food.  Mr Gourmand had been looking forward to a meal at the restaurant all week as he had been working over 200 miles away and wanted some comfort food, I did secretly hope that some delicious food might soften the bombshell I was about to drop!

The restaurant itself is spacious with a good amount of seating downstairs and a function room upstairs that is regularly used for birthdays and weddings.

The buffet section is situated down the middle of the restaurant and the variety of food available is massive, the restaurant offers an a la carte menu but as the quality of the buffet is so good you rarely see anyone eating from the menu.

I like to start with similar things to what you see above, the food available does often change but you can always get homemade hummus, tabouleh salad and pickled vegetables.  The fried starters are always delicious and crisp on the outside and soft and flavourful on the inside.

I apologise in advance for the way the food is just slopped on my plate, by the time it got to the main courses I was having a case of eyes bigger than stomach and just piled the food on.

What excites me the most about the main courses on offer is the variety, you never know what will be on offer, there are particular meals (I have no idea of the name) that I get so excited about if I spot them under the silver lids.  There is always a selection for vegetarians although the meat eaters do get the bulk of the dishes.

There is nothing better than a cup of sweet mint tea (made with Lipton yellow label) after a super heavy indulgent meal, for some reason it allows me to pick my filled stomach off the floor and make my way home, without it I’m a complete mess!

The mint tea seems to aid digestion which obviously leaves room for homemade syrupy pistachio cake!

If like me you love really good quality food then you need to take a trip to the west road in Newcastle.