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Northside Diner – Newcastle

You can find the Northside Diner on the 3rd floor of Fenwick, they certainly were not stupid when they placed an american diner in the middle of the toy department!

As far as a faux American diner goes, Northside diner looks the part, the colourful booths, tall barstools and jukebox just screams diner to you, the menu has a selection of burgers, hotdogs, stacked sandwiches and milkshakes.

During my visit, I wasn’t quite hungry enough to eat a full meal so I thought a plate of nachos with salsa might fill the gap, I wasn’t expecting the monster dish that was placed in front of me!  My plate held enough food for 3 people which was amazing value for money.  I probably managed to eat a third of the food, I would have eaten more had there not been a huge amount of grated cheese lurking underneath the salsa and nacho chips, don’t get me wrong, I do like cheese but I have my limits, I couldn’t eat a block of cheese at home and my plate of nachos definitely contained what would have amounted to a whole block if packed together.

During my visit with 2 friends not one of us left a clean plate so if you have a huge appetite Northside diner might just be the place for you!