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Tefal OptiGrill Revisited

I previously posted about the Tefal OptiGrill post in this post here, I had only used it a couple of times so couldn’t do a completely thorough review of the product.

Since I wrote the post above I have used the Tefal OptiGrill to cook most of my meals, yesterday it was used to cook Breaded Chicken (Homemade) wraps and Steak Salad.



The Chicken wraps were simple to make, I cut up some chicken thighs, placed them in a bowl with some breadcrumbs and rapeseed oil mixed them around and placed on the OptiGrill for a couple of minutes until cooked.  Previously I would have cooked the chicken in the oven and would have spent ages soaking a baking tray after cooking to remove the stuck on breadcrumbs but with the Tefal Optigrill I didn’t have this problem.



One thing that the Tefal Optigrill cooks extremely well is steak, all kinds of steak.  The steak used for the salad above was flat iron steak which was actually sold at the butchers for use on a barbecue but I figured it would work just as well on the OptiGrill.  Once cooked the steak was buttery soft and melted in the mouth.

I’m definitely an OptiGrill convert and can’t wait to cook my next meal in it this evening which will be a boneless leg of lamb.

Tefal OptiGrill

Yesterday I was at hospital being fitted with a cast on my right hand after fracturing a bone in my right wrist, as I’m the cook in our household I was very worried about how I was going to feed my family (It’s amazing how many things require both hands in the kitchen).  I received delivery of one of Tefal’s new products this morning, the Optigrill which Tefal claim is like having a professional grill chef at home.  Every Tefal product I own takes the strain and stress out of cooking and I had high hopes for this product.



The OptiGrill has six cooking programmes for meat, fish, bacon, chicken, burgers and sausages plus a manual option.

The unique colour changing LED screen on the handle is used to check cooking progress, this reveals how your food is cooking and allows you to see exactly when the food is done.  When cooking steak the light is yellow for rare, orange for medium and red for well done.  The OptiGrill will also beep at each cooking stage so you don’t need to stand over the device.


The heating up colour is pale lilac, it takes around 4-7 mins for the grill to heat up

lilac light

Once the grill is hot enough the light will change to pale blue.

yellow light

The green light indicates cooking is in progress

Red light

The red light indicates cooking is complete

raw chicken Chicken

peri-peri Chicken

I cooked Peri-Peri Chicken thighs for Mini Gourmand which she thought were well cooked, juicy and delicious

panini steak

Mr Gourmand and I had Flat iron steak pannini with salad, the steak was cooked medium, placed in the paninni with some cheese and popped back in the OptiGrill to brown the bun.

grill plate

The cooking surface is very large and is coated with Tefal’s superb non-stick coating, the cooking plate has a 7″ inclination for easy fat release.

The OptiGrill sears food at high temperatures which locks in flavour and juice.  Food is left with appetising grill pan markings, as we eat with our eyes this can only be a good thing.  No oil is necessary when using the OptiGrill which makes it perfect for low fat family cooking.

We don’t have a garden which means we can’t have barbecues, I really miss barbecued food in the summer but after using the Optigrill I’m so please I can now enjoy grilled food without my hair and clothes smelling of smoke.

I can’t wait to give this product a proper road test, I have some great ideas for kebabs, fish, burgers, boneless spatchcock chicken, sandwiches, vegetables and chicken tikka.

RRP £129.99 Visit www.tefal.co.uk for stockists.

tefal Innovation Panelist

*Disclaimer – I am a Tefal Innovation Panellist and received this product for review purposes, all thoughts are my own and this post is honest and impartial*