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Giovanni Rana Pasta

We love pasta especially Baby Gourmand who would probably eat if for every meal given the chance so when we found out about a competition that was being run over on Tots100 to win a chance to win a place at an Italian cookery masterclass I couldn’t say no.

To win a place entrants had to create and share an original Italian recipe on their blog, incorporating Giovanni Rana Italian Indulgence pasta.

My vouchers arrived quite late, in fact just before the closing date but thankfully a second competition was created to give those who didn’t have time to enter the first one a chance.  I spent a full week scouring shops looking for somewhere that sold both the pasta and the sauce, none of my local stores sold both so I ended up visiting one for the pasta and one for the sauce.

Giovanni Rana

I decided to combine two of my children’s favourite pasta dishes, bolognese and pesto, I cooked the pasta for 1 minute in boiling water, drained it and added the pesto stirring until all of the pasta was coated.

Baby Gourmand had his served with chopped cucumber, pepper, celery and radish and the rest of the family had a chopped salad made up of lettuce, celery, radish, pepper and cucumber dressed with a creamy dressing of sour cream, parmesan, dried basil, garlic, pepper and lemon juice.

baby pasta Giovanni Rana pasta

This is my entry into the Giovanni Rana pasta competition.