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Pizza Al Taglio – Newcastle

Pizza Al Taglio can be found at 34 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.  The chain opened in Durham in 2007 and the brand claim to bring authentic pizza slices to the North East.

What you will notice straight away when you view the pizza slices through the glass is that the pizza’s resemble more of a french bread pizza rather than a traditional pizza base that is usually found in Italian restaurants.  If you’ve ever tried to eat a thin based pizza on the go you will have realised that it quickly turns into a very messy meal, Pizza Al Taglio have formed the perfect base for a hand held pizza meaning that you don’t need to worry about a plate (a plate is provided but you don’t need one).

I recently visited another pizza slice company in Newcastle and found that I had to fold my slice of pizza over to try to eat it in a ladylike fashion as the base was so thin, a knife and fork would have been prefered.  Mr Gourmand ate his by holding the paper plate up to his mouth which isn’t ideal.

The Pizza Margherita was a bargain at £1.80 per slice, the Margherita is a personal favourite of Mr Gourmand however I find it a little boring as a choice.  I loved the taste of the herbs used on this pizza, I will choose my words carefully next time I call something boring as this pizza did not fall into that category.  The base of the pizza was really good, different to anything I had eaten before but perfect for holding with your hand.

The BBQ Chicken Pizza was £2.00 a slice and packed with ingredients.  The BBQ sauce was sweet and smokey and wasn’t overpowering as sauces often can be.  There was a good amount of Chicken on the pizza and like the Margherita this pizza had a perfect base.

Pizza Al Taglio offer a meal deal which consists of any pizza slice, any can plus fries or crisps for £2.90

If you’re looking for a snack that you can hold in your hand without needing a packet of napkins and you’re adventurous enough to try a base that’s different to the norm, pop down to Pilgrim Street in Newcastle and visit Pizza Al Taglio for a slice or two.