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Greenvale Potatoes

Greenvale Potatoes

Some people may say a potato is just a potato but I beg to differ, I think different potatoes suit different dishes, some are good for mashing some for baking and some are good general all rounders.

When I was approached and asked to give Greevale Potatoes a try my answer was a no brainer, we are a family of potato lovers and I knew we would be able to give them a good test over the festive period.

Greenvale Potatoes are an all rounder of a potato meaning they are great mashed, baked and boiled so to put them to the test I mashed, baked, slow cooked and boiled them to see if they really could do what they say on the packet.

Christmas lunch

On Christmas Day I used the potatoes two ways, mashed and boiled and the results were great.  Sometimes it’s really difficult to get a really good mash from a potato as some types are just not good mashers.  Greenvale Potatoes make a lovely creamy mash which doesn’t require any extras to be added although I can’t resist a splash of cream and a grinding of black pepper.  When the potatoes are boiled you get a lovely earthy taste rather than the taste of nothing that you often get with a boiled potato.

Game Pie In Slow Cooker

During the festive period I also made a Game Pie filling in the slow cooker and used Greenvale Potatoes which kept their shape during cooking and added a great bulk to the dish.

Haggis and Mash

Mash was used again to accompany our Haggis and this time we left it as it was and didn’t bother adding any extras and it still tasted delicious.

Mashed Potato

The potato shown above is the inside of some baked potatoes before cheese and spring onion was added, the skins were perfectly crispy and the insides as you can see were extremely fluffy.

Would I buy them again? Yes, I have.  In my opinion these are a brilliant potato and whether you are wanting to cook crisp and fluffy roasties for a traditional Sunday lunch, smooth velvety mash, a steaming jacket or simple boiled potatoes, GreenVale Farm Fresh potatoes are perfect for them all. The potatoes are available nationally in Tesco, Ocado and through Booths in the North West for around £2.50 a bag.

*I received the product mentioned free of charge, to review from my own perspective. All words, experiences and opinions are entirely my own*

Rainy Days Call for Roast Dinners

Credited Picture

In my part of the world the weather has been dreadful, I had expected to be making use of some spring vegetables by making pasta dishes, fish with a light cous cous or flan with salad.  Unfortunately on a rainy day the Gourmand household always feels cold and a bit down and the only thing to perk us up is a Roast Dinner.

I’m lucky enough to have a really good quality butcher on my doorstep called the Meat Merchant so Mr Gourmand and I popped up to get something for dinner and came back with a good old chicken.

I stuffed the chicken with a whole lemon cut into two and put in a couple of sprigs of lemon thyme for good measure.  The skin of the chicken was lifted up from the breast meat and lemon thyme was placed between the two.

I popped some carrots and baby leeks in with the chicken to roast and give extra flavour.

I like to coat my potatoes in polenta for roasting as it gives them a delicious crunch.

The Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil infused with rosemary which I received in my Larderbox was perfect to coat my potatoes in to prevent them sticking, this is definitely an oil I will be purchasing more of.

I added some rosemary sprigs, garlic and lemon to give added flavour and roasted for 45 minutes until crisp and golden.

The apple, sage and onion stuffing is actually a Delia Smith recipe which I’ve used for many years now, it has been adapted slightly due to the fact the original recipe contains pork.

Ingredients: 2 Dessert apples cored, one peeled, 1 Tablespoon of Fresh Sage leaves, 1 Small onion peeled and quartered, 110g White bread – crusts removed, 2 Chicken Livers, 225g Veal Mince (you can use pork), 1/4 teaspoon ground mace, Salt and Pepper.

Method: Add the pieces of bread and pop in a food processor until they resemble crumbs, add the parsley, sage, the peeled apple and onion quarters and process till everything is finely chopped. Trim any sinewy bits from the chicken livers, then add them, together with the mince, mace and seasoning. Give a few pulses in the processor until it is all thoroughly blended, remove the stuffing from the processor with a spatula, then place in a greased baking dish, refrigerate until needed.  When you are ready to bake chop the remaining apple into slices and place over the top of the stuffing.  I bake my stuffing for 30-35 minutes until cooked.

Shredded sprouts, savoy cabbage, white cabbage and spring cabbage were boiled until tender.

A plated Roast Dinner never looks good in my opinion for the purpose of a photograph, I can assure you it tasted delicious especially with my home made gravy (not pictured)

What kind of food do you crave on a rainy day?