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Royal Pug Leamington Spa

The Royal Pug serves such delicious food it’s surprising we don’t visit there more often but with an abundance of delicious eateries in town you can be forgiven for forgetting about old favourites.

We had eaten an early breakfast so thought it would be a good idea to have an early lunch, well not too early it was 12pm. just.

Neither myself or Mr Gourmand were hungry enough for what we consider to be a proper meal so we decided to just have a sandwich however we hadn’t anticipated that a sandwich at the Royal Pug would not be a small affair.

royal pug


Mr Gourmand couldn’t resist the Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of purple slaw.  Served in a brioche bun and cooked with sautéed apple, the pulled pork was most delicious and certainly hit a spot.

Fishfinger Sandwich, Royal Pug

I had the fish finger sandwich which was also served with the purple slaw.  It was around the time the chopping board was placed in front of me that I regretted ordering side dishes.  There was no way I was going to finish the inch thick bread and giant fish fingers.

Chips, royal pug

In true Gourmand style we ordered sides of sweet potato and skin on fries. The sweet potato fries were hands down the winner in the side dish stakes. It was a case of eyes too big for belly for me however Mr Gourmand did manage to polish them off without breaking a sweat.

The only downside about the visit for me had nothing to do with the food it was the serving dishes.  I like plates. I like plates of different sizes and shapes as long as it’s a plate of the china variety.  Chopping boards are as the name suggests for chopping, I don’t have anything against the little dipping pots but the little mini fryers and chopping boards are just a no no in my humble opinion.


The Royal Pug can be found at 141 Regent Stree, Lemington Spa, make sure you’re wearing your elasticated pants before visiting though.