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Chinatown Express Dinner Delights

Regular readers will know that the Chinatown Express is a Gourmand family favourite! It’s our first stop for Chinese food in Newcastle.  Mini Gourmand has to pass through Newcastle city centre to get home from school so we took the opportunity to go for an early dinner.

Mini Gourmand decided she wanted something refreshing to drink so ordered a pot of Chinese tea which she loves.

Barbecue spare ribs were Mini Gourmands chosen starter, for some reason she always ends up with sauce all over her face and requires numerous napkins to remove the sticky red sauce.

Deciding to eat something different for her main course, Mini Gourmand went for Satay Chicken, it’s not a dish any of us would usually pick, this is probably because we have all had really bad versions of satay sauce.  We all agreed that this was a really good choice and not at all sickly like some sauces can be.

Mr Gourmand went for his first pearl tea, a Strawberry pearl which both he and Mini Gourmand thought was delicious.

Salt and Pepper ribs were Mr Gourmands starter choice, usually he is a hot and sour soup man but fancied a change on this occasion.

Chicken with black bean sauce and chilli was Mr Gourmands main course choice, it’s a very rich but delicious sauce with just a hint of spice.

A creature of habit, I went for the honey melon pearl which is always superb, it’s like a dessert in a glass so I always try to leave it for the end of my meal.

I love the huge won-tons that the Chinatown express serve, I wasn’t in a soup mood so these were the next best option.

The crispy beef in a spicy Peking sauce is always amazing, the vegetables are fresh and crisp, the sauce is sweet and spicy and the beef is not at all chewy, if you get a chance to visit the chinatown express and wish to eat from the evening menu I suggest you give this dish a try.

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