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Creamy Seafood Pasta

Seafood is one of those things that you either love or hate, in our household we adore seafood in all of it’s variety.  Scallops have got to be one of my favourite ingredients to cook with and to eat, I love the sweetness of queen scallops and the fact they take very little time to cook, this whole dish took less than 10 mins to prepare and cook which is ideal if you are short on time.

I pan fried king prawns, queen scallops, crushed garlic and green beans until cooked before adding a splash of white wine, some oregano, fresh parsley, black pepper and a pinch of red chilli flakes before adding a glug of double cream to create a delicious sauce.

The end result was superb and extremely satisfying, a nice slice of warm foccacia bread would have gone down a treat with this dish but I’ll save that idea for next time.

seafood pasta

Seafood Wraps with Homemade smooth Guacamole

I love simple suppers, sometimes the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen after a busy day.  These seafood wraps can be made in minutes and taste delicious.

The marinade is rather simple, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 chilli and a handful of fresh coriander mixed together with the juice of half a lime.

Add your chosen seafood to the marinade, I used Scallops, King Prawns and monkfish.  I find it easier to tell my fishmonger how many people I’m serving and let him choose the quantities or I will end up buying too much.  The amount in the bowl above was to serve 2 people.

Gently fry onions and peppers until soft

While your vegetables are cooking you can prepare the smooth Guacamole.

Begin by blending 1 clove of garlic with a large Avocado, add a handful of coriander and the juice of half a lime, I like to add a bit of chilli for an extra kick.

Leave the finished Guacamole to one side while you cook the seafood.

Add the raw seafood and marinade to the onions and peppers and cook thoroughly.