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Cafe Royal – Newcastle

My last visit to Cafe Royal was a bit of a disaster so when my mum asked me to meet her there for a coffee and a chat I was a little dubious. My parents frequently visit Cafe Royal (my mother loves the scones) and neither of them have had any complaints, so I figured I might as well pop along to see if my opinion would change.

As we had visited the Cafe early morning we had no problem getting a seat, if you visit anytime after 11am on a weekday you should expect to wait to be seated.

My Mum had her usual Cappuchino (£2.10) I personally find this drink contains more foam than coffee but Mum seemed to be happy with her chosen drink.

I had a Filter Coffee (£2.10) which was nice and hot, quite often a filter coffee will be just drinkable which is a bit rubbish if you’re planning on having a chat whilst you drink.

My Mums treat was a warmed up Raspberry scone; heating up a scone is a hate of mine. Apparently the raspberry scones are a favourite of my Mum and Dad as they tend not to crumble when cut (another hate of mine).

I played it safe and had a Cheese and Chive scone left cold exactly as I like it.  There was a good amount of flavour in the scone with just a hint of chives.  I love the fact that you get 2 packs of a decent butter, so many places suffer from butter rationing and 1 pack is the maximum they will offer!  I like a nice salted butter at home with scones and although the butter I had at Cafe Royal wasn’t particularly salted it suited the scone well.

I’m actually really pleased that Cafe Royal has redeemed itself in my estimation, I think my bad breakfast experience must have been a one off as I couldn’t fault my latest visit.

Afternoon Tea at Olive & Bean

Olive & Bean is situated at 17/19 Clayton Street in the heart of Newcastle City centre

After a glowing review of the afternoon tea from a close friend, Mr Gourmand and I decided we had to see what all the fuss was about!  I love afternoon tea, especially when it comes with unlimited tea or coffee.

The afternoon tea at Olive & Bean costs £13.99 between two and comes with a selection of sandwiches, fruit scone, home-made cakes and endless coffee or tea.

Both Mr Gourmand and myself decided to order coffee and were provided with a cafetiere of organic brewed coffee and two china cups and saucers.

The couple next to us had also ordered afternoon tea and we had major food envy when they received theirs, the cupcakes looked delicious, there was a choice of cheese and fruit scone and there didn’t seem to be any ham in sight in the sandwiches which I was pleased about as I don’t eat it.  I had already previously asked to have a different jam to strawberry as I’m allergic.

Our Afternoon tea arrived and I must admit both Mr Gourmand and myself looked at the table next to us who gave a sympathetic smile, – no cupcakes and two fruit scones!

If I’m honest the lack of cupcakes didn’t bother me too much as I like any cake, it would have been nice to have the same though especially as we were sitting right next to a table with two cupcakes.  What did bother me a little bit was the two fruit scones.  I know the menu stated that fruit scones came with the afternoon tea but what I couldn’t understand was why the table next to us had the option of a cheese scone?

I digress, this is not cupcake or scone-gate

I couldn’t wait to get stuck into what we did receive, I had noticed that two of our sandwiches contained ham which wasn’t really a problem as Mr Gourmand likes it.

The cakes we received were actually delicious, we did have to take a couple of them home though as there was too much sugar for just one sitting!  The lemon and poppy seed cake was my favourite by far!

I was a little disappointed with the scone which was so crumbly I couldn’t even butter it as it just broke apart which was a shame as it just fuelled my hate of fruit scones even more, maybe I’ve just never had a good one?  The clotted cream that was served with the scone was actually rather delicious so I just poured  this all over my scone.

The sandwiches were jam-packed with filling, Mr Gourmand wasn’t too impressed with the amount of sandwiches we had but he’s just greedy!

Next time I go back I will ask for a cheese scone and maybe a cupcake if I’m feeling cheeky!

The afternoon tea is served Sunday to Friday 2pm until 5pm

Chocolate and Lavender Scones

The Family Gourmand are all huge chocolate lovers, we also love Lavender so what better than chocolate and Lavender scones?  I’ve used lavender in my cupcakes in the past and thought I’d try it out in scones.

To make about 6 – 8 scones you will need: 225g self-raising flour, pinch of salt, 75 g of butter, 40 g of golden caster sugar, 1 Large Egg, 2 Tablespoon Milk, Chocolate (I don’t weigh this I usually add a medium size bar, 1 Teaspoon of Lavender chopped, Egg Wash.

Begin by sifting 225 g of self-raising flour and a pinch of salt into a large mixing bowl. Add 75 g of room temperature butter, cut into small lumps. Lightly rub the butter into the flour until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs.

 Add 40 g of golden caster sugar and mix in.

In a jug, beat one large egg together with 2 Tablespoons milk and start to add it to the rubbed-in mixture.

Mix together with a knife, when it begins to come together, finish it off with your hands. Add the chocolate and lavender and mix well.

The dough should come together and leave the sides of the bowl clean.

Shape the dough into a round and place it on a lightly floured surface. Flour the rolling pin and lightly roll out the dough to no thinner than 1 inch thick..

I use a Large Wine glass to cut out my scones as it gives a great shape but you can use a 2 inch round cutter to cut out the scones.

Place the scones on a lightly greased baking tray that has been dusted with flour. Brush them lightly with a little egg wash then dust with flour. Bake in a hot oven 220°C for 10-12 minutes, or until they are well risen and golden brown, then remove them to a wire rack to cool.

Mrs Harrisons Scones and Jam

There is nothing better than visiting friends and coming home with a bag of home made treats, our bag contained fruit scones and Raspberry Jam.

The Scones were Mrs Harrisons first attempt at Scone making since being a youngster and as a seasoned scone maker I have to admit they were pretty amazing and I’m speaking as someone who really doesn’t like fruit scones.

How appetising does this look!  The Jam was also home-made, quite tart just how we like it.

I love giving and receiving home made treats and I really think we should do it more often, what sort of treats do you give or receive?


Cafe 1901 Jesmond

Cafe 1901 is situated in the old church hall on St Georges terrace in Jesmond.  I must admit I wasn’t very pleased when this cafe first opened as the youth club my daughter used to attend was closed down because of the cafe, I guess money is more important than community for the owners of the church? Anyway I digress, that was a few years ago and I’ve visited the cafe a few times with my mother and always been on the fence about the place so I decided to take Mr Gourmand for a coffee.

The cafe has huge high ceilings which are very impressive, I do apologise for the darkness of the photographs, the hall has very low lighting and it’s really difficult to get a good photo.  This kind of place always makes me feel really tired, they could do with some natural light lightbulbs!

There is a large range of drinks, cakes, hot and cold food on offer but if I’m being honest I think it’s rather expensive!

Mr Gourmand ordered a flat white coffee (£2.00) an odd choice for him as the Filter Coffee is usually the coffee of choice for the Gourmands!

I had my usual filter coffee (£2.00) it was nice coffee but nothing special as coffee goes.

I decided to have a slice of coffee and walnut cake (£3.00)  unfortunately the sponge was rather dry, I would have liked to have more buttercream sandwiching the cake together rather than the inch of icing on the top (yes an inch, I measured it).

Mr Gourmand had a cheese scone (£2.20) I can never understand why cafes serve microwaved warm cheese scones, I’d rather have mine cold as the microwave makes a scone taste like cardboard which this one did!

On this occasion I wasn’t impressed with Cafe 1901, there are many better places out there to go for a quick cup of coffee and a cake!

Greggs Moment

Greggs Moment is a cafe situated on Northumberland street in Newcastle’s city centre, blink and you will miss it as it’s situated on the same stretch as Costa, Starbucks and Pret, you also have an M&S cofffee shop just a couple of doors down.

As far as I know there are no other Greggs Moments cafe’s open anywhere else in the country, this was a trial cafe to see how it worked.

Everytime I pass it’s very busy, the cafe is open until 10pm which is something that Newcastle has needed for a long time, not everyone wants to go to a pub for a sit down and a chat after 7pm when everywhere else is shut.

My favourite part of this whole cafe are the door handles, I would love door handles like this on all of my doors!

With only 30 minutes between lectures to spare and because Greggs moments is only 5 minutes from uni Mr Gourmand and I had a filter coffee each, the coffee served here is actually really good and not as expensive as some of the competition on the street.

I had a Cherry and White Chocolate scone which was nice but a little artificial tasting

Mr Gourmand had a Bacon and Cheese Scone, I love cheese scones and I don’t like the fact that Greggs moments stick Bacon in theirs which spoils the scone meaning I can’t eat them!

If Greggs happen to read this, please sell plain ones too for us non pork eaters!