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Oven Cooked Sea Bass and New Potatoes

Sea Bass

This is yet another recipe inspired by Nigel Slater’s Sea bass with rosemary and capers.  I asked my fishmonger to clean up the fish and remove the heads and insides but if you have time you could do this yourself.


2 large Sea Bass (Head and guts removed)

750g New potatoes

Olive Oil

4 Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary

Tablespoon of Sherry Vinegar

2 Tablespoon of Capers

Juice and rind of a lemon

3 cloves of garlic

4 sprigs of parsley

Red Chilli (seeds removed)


Set the oven temperature to 200. Cut the potatoes into slices and fry in some olive oil for ten minutes on a low heat. Use a pan that is suitable for use on the hob and oven, I used my Tefal Ingenio pan which is oven to table and non stick.  Turn them over now and again to make sure they don’t stick.

Chop the rosemary leaves finely and pop into a mixing bowl with a finely chopped chilli, sherry vinegar, capers, lemon juice, black pepper, chopped garlic and finely chopped parsley.  Pour three tablespoons of olive oil into the bowl and stir to make a dressing.

Lay the fish on top of the potatoes and spoon the dressing into the cavity of the fish.  Bake in the oven until the fish is tender and cooked through to the bone.

To serve, remove the bone from the fish and divide the fillets between 4 plates, share out the potatoes and serve with a green vegetable of your choice – we had peas.


Baby Led Weaning – This dish is suitable for baby led weaning but check the fish by hand for bones, the bones in a Sea Bass are quite large so they should be easy to find if any are remaining after the backbone has been removed.