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Sainsbury’s Back To Basics Challenge

I’ve never hidden the fact that I usually spend an awful lot of money on our weekly shopping, partly because my family are brand snobs and partly because I like to ensure that we eat the best ingredients that we can afford.  When I found out about the Sainsbury’s back to basics challenge I was very eager to take part for two reasons the first being that I don’t buy basics range food from any supermarket and was curious to see how it compared to other brands and secondly because I never shop in Sainsbury’s as I’m a Waitrose girl.

I went to Sainsbury’s armed with my £10 voucher and was surprised at how vast the basics range was, I knew I would only be willing to use certain items from the range so straight away meat, processed food and eggs were out of the equation.  I purchased white rice, digestive biscuits, black pepper, mixed herbs, chopped tomatoes, kidney beans and butter and spent the rest of the money on cooking chocolate, golden syrup and maltesers.

I am of the mindset that by purchasing certain cheaper ingredients you can spend more on other good quality ingredients necessary to your recipe.  I think I made good choices with my selections especially as they were to be used to make cakes, tray bakes and Chilli Con Carne.  The butter, biscuits, kidney beans, tomatoes and herbs tasted exactly the same as big branded products and most were half the price if not more.  Out of everything that I purchased the only item that I wouldn’t buy again would be the rice as it was very stodgy and didn’t cook as well as the basmati rice that I would usually buy.

Sainsbury’s basic range offers fuss-free packaging, lower prices and great quality and with over 500 everyday products there really is something for everyone. Click the video below to see how I used my basics ingredients, don’t forget to check back on Madame Gourmand for recipes.




*Disclaimer: I was sent a £10 sainsbury's voucher for the purpose of the challenge, my review of the basics range is honest and impartial*