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Stateside Diner – Newcastle

I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with the Stateside Diner, I’ve been a customer for many years now but this visit was my first in nearly 2 years.  When I first started to visit the Stateside it was faultless, portion sizes were huge and similar to what you would find in a real American diner, staff members changed and unfortunately so did the food.

A friend of mine who was a loyal Stateside patron from the good old days had mentioned that the menu seemed to have changed a little and the Stateside was back on track!  Hearing this marvelous news Mr Gourmand and I hotfooted it down Pink Lane to find out if this was really true.

I had the Southern Fried Chicken Burger (£5.95) which was served with a spicy mayo, salad garnish and home made fries.  The last time I had a chicken burger at the Stateside it tasted like it had been in the fryer for a week, I’m happy to say on this occasion the chicken was moist and tender.  The home made fries were a welcome surprise and were delicious, as you can see from the pictures above there was certainly no scrimping on the portion sizes which veteran Stateside diners will be pleased about.

Mr Gourmand had the Chilli Dog (£4.95) which was covered in Rancher beef chilli, it barely lasted anytime on the plate which is a good sign!

We shared a portion of Onion rings (£1.95) which were a little disappointing as they tasted like they had been marinated in vinegar which was a little offputting.

Sodas at the Stateside were always refillable which was a huge bonus when eating here, there seems to be a new rule in force where soda’s come with one refill only which doesn’t really bother me as I couldn’t manage more than two anyway but I do know friends who could quite easily polish off 3 or 4.

If like me you were a regular customer of the Stateside Diner and you got sick of the shoddy rushed service, bad portion sizes and meal inconsistency I urge you to go back and try it again, I do believe it’s changed for the better!  The Stateside lives on!

The Stateside Diner can be found at 37 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne (A short walk from central station)